Should Single Mothers Join Support Groups?

Mothers and their baby children are in a sensory play group. They are singing and dancing together in a circle on the floor.

Are all children of single moms members of families in crisis? No not really as there are a number of people going out of their way to take that bull by the horns and do something about it. They aren’t giving up or giving in, they’re meeting that challenge head on.


Yes, I talk of all of the single moms in america who work hard to provide for their children, and whose devotion is unrelenting. In reality, not long ago Miss White, a single mother with three children, one in college, one in high school, and one just six years old explained to me the real value of single mother groups, the one she participates in is named SMURF or S-single M-mothers U-united at R-rewarding F-fellowship, and as the name suggests it’s part of a church.

This group is quite large now and it’s sponsors, that is right patrons, some tiny companies, others major businesses, like BestBuy for example in this instance. The team members share stories and strategies to help get by, and raise children – and they get together in a local eatery. They also find each other and meet at church, and this single mother’s group also has an office in the church to organize their affairs.

A plus!

What I find so excellent about this specific single moms group is the way they aren’t subsidized by the government in any respect, rather they’ve gotten together in their local community to get the most out of a challenging situation. Indeed, I am delighted to report that the band’s members have a great head on their shoulders and do just fine without government help.

This is the way humans naturally arrange, and it’s far better for self sustaining groups to concentrate on what they want locally, than for a government to force everyone in a similar situation irrespective of where in the country they are, into a tiny box or basket of societal give-aways in the citizen’s expense. Perhaps, it is for this reason that I applaud the SMURF single mother’s group and the 10s of thousands of small groups such as this around the country.

We should all encourage such groups in our regional areas, since they’re getting the job done on the ground floor and touching the lives of so many in our society. This is what’s great about Americans, all of us stick together, and smallish non-profits like this get more bang for their buck and receive the assistance where it has to be.

Final note

Besides it is consistent with the very intelligent assumption of “teaching a man to fish,” instead of giving out endless baskets of fishes, which makes people weak. These single mothers are great, we should be so thankful for their spirit, perseverance, and dedication in raising these children alone in an unpredictable world during turbulent economic times. I am impressed, and allow me to tell youit takes an awful lot to impress me these days. Kudos goes out to all single mothers working together in these groups, where ever you’re in this wonderful nation of ours. In actuality, you’re making us even larger – thank you, sincerely, Lance.