Är det för sent att återuppfinna sig själv?

    As the mom with two daughters, I told them that their futures are limitless and that they had been powerful, creative, and amazing young ladies. I banged that drum so loud and long that I believe they got the message since they’re now young adults and leaving my house to begin their own lives.

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    Unfortunately, I did not always “walk the talk” because the picture I held of myself was too often shaped by my fear of what other thought (or may believe ) of me. It’s still a battle to overcome the perceived conclusions that other may cause me, but I’ve discovered that I am responsible for my own happiness and’m the only person who can place limits on my dreams and what I finally achieve.

    When I set out to run my first 5K, I’m sure nobody thought twice about it. No grand accomplishment to be certain. When I ran my first half marathon, it probably got some attention but naysayers probably figured that I’d reached the limits of my skill. When I became a marathoner, I’d be willing to wager the critics abounded with their decisions which I was “too slow” or”wasting my time” – or, very possibly – any quantity of less considerate feedback.

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    Negative attention

    I’m not the sort of person who likes to draw attention – especially any type of negative attention. Frankly, telling my running stories is embarrassing for me since I worry how I am perceived. However, I willingly take the risk of being misunderstood and criticism for being boastful if it reaches one girl who chooses to make a positive change in her lifetime consequently. Here’s the simple truth: I really like running and motivating other women to run.

    It’s rewarding to find a passion ignited. But it is not just about running. It’s about overcoming your fears, letting yourself believe you’re capable of some dream bigger than you dream now, and not being afraid to fail as many times as needed to realize your dream. The reason why I feel the need to talk about my stories would be to establish that, if I reach more than most people have judged me capable of accomplishing, then you can, too. Spreading the word was incredibly rewarding.

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    Avslutande anmärkning

    A friend shared with me that she had been motivated to return to college to pursue education that she had put off. Another friend said that she challenged a group of girls in her neighborhood to decide on a goal that would enhance and enhance their own lives or the lives of others. They’ve become”accountability buddies” by helping each other stay motivated and focused. It’s stories like those that absolutely make my heart sing and allow me to know that my stories are worth discussing and will help others find their hidden inner strengths.


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