Como reverter os efeitos do ganho de peso na menopausa?

Phosphoric acid

Are words you might be getting used to seeing and hearing from the physician, the world wide web, and advertisements. How can that be? Genetics (Don’t place too much weight on this one (kind of a pun on preceding reason! haha. When we’re talking about drinking a lot of dark cola notice my words, “too much”. I’m obviously not a proponent of Sodas AT ALL and my mother definitely never let’s get Kool-aid or made sodas a custom for our house but I do point out “too much” for motive.

Tomar nota

Just because something is healthy does not mean more is better and just because something is unhealthy it does not indicate that a bit will kill you. One Problem of our civilization. We’re extreme in everything. Exercise, Diet, Pleasure, Ascetism, etc.. That simply will not work. That being said, allow me to get from this box of soap a bit and tell you just why dark colas are a killer to your bones.

We’ve all heard that dark Colas can dissolve the rust on your vehicle battery. Well, it is not. Besides what about the “Dark” part of colas is really bad?? The “Phosphoric Acid.” That’s the part in “Dark colas” that really eats away at your bones. Growing older and menopause are already going to do a job in your bones, they do not need your help by ingesting this acid.


This implies in terms that you have heard before is, “Weight-Bearing Exercise.” That means get out and move. It does not need to literally mean “Weight lifting at the gym” so much as it means, “Moving your body around in a manner that’s challenging.” This may be as dull and horrible or as entertaining and exciting as you make it. In my Bootcamps my entire point is to make it as enjoyable as possible. In my Boutique Bootcamps it is to make it enjoyable, relaxing, and pampering as you can! You can do the exact same thing where you are.

Get involved with a program or group in which you have liability, have fun, and really enjoy getting up and being busy. If you are already self-disciplined that is great but I’m a Physiologist and coach and my exercise largely comes when I’m training somebody else! Even I need some motivation occasionally! If I would not be training people I’m not certain when I would get the majority of my motion in.


You’re body was made to move. OK but you have got to keep a tab on them to moderate them. You can examine the symptoms and issues of Menopause and Osteoporosis as a reminder to you that your life isn’t OVER and that you are just beginning! The solution to such problems is movement, becoming involved, laughing, DE-stressing, and assisting people. If you do not do these things that your body continues to break down at a quick pace.

So maybe this whole thing is a helper to you. Use your own body for what it’s here for and it is going to continue to keep working for you in a manner that you would like it to work. On a more physiological note, weight-bearing exercise pushes and pulls on your bones. When they get this action, sign, etc. it surely must strengthen in order to not tear or break. If you walk with bare feet on cement day in and day out your feet will get tougher.


Something similar is happening with your bones but this time you WANT them to find harder/firmer. The “walking” in this instance is the practice and the “cement” in this case, doing the hardening, is the immunity. The resistance can be your own body weights or weight. I don’t suggest the gym and the weight room due to all the sitting going on in there and that is why our boot camps are body weight and Russian Kettlebell focused.

That having been said, if you can not find a bootcamp like this then you can email me and I will attempt to find you in your area that would be useful for you or if all you’ve got is a gym then it’s definitely better than nothing. I may find a good deal of flack for this but I’ve got to be honest with you.