Czy złość w menopauzie jest po prostu hormonalna?

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The question of what makes girls angry is just one many reflect on. There are loads of things that tick us off and many times guys attribute our anger to endocrine related issues where they’re concerned. Let’s be honest. Sometimes that’s precisely the case; after all it’s a recognized fact that changes in our hormones do affect us emotionally.

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Though it’s also true that many times once we get angry, it isn’t just the hormones talkin’. So before you begin consulting treatment such as bioidentical hormone treatment you could ask yourself, what makes you angry? Here’s a practical list plenty of guys may want to remember.

Toilet seat: An all time classic. Come on, men! Is it so tough to put the toilet seat down?

Saying women can not drive: There’s something men should understand. Women can do anything they set their minds and hearts, just like guys. Saying women cannot do something which makes them feel that you believe that they are less than men.

Stating something like,”Honey, I’m hungry”: Why is feeding guys woman’s key obligation? If you don’t want women to respect you as a child or kid, I’d begin becoming a bit more busy where getting and preparing food is concerned. Look at other girls: Though a great deal of girls can understand this, others can’t, do not wish to, and what is more, do not enjoy it when you do so.You can sneak a peak, men, but do not ogle and please, do prevent drooling.

Grunt and nod rather than using words: Women are talkative by nature, so it’s not surprising that blocking the lines of communication is just another thing guys do to make girls mad. Try to make an attempt to use whole sentences rather than recur to grunting nodding, or one-word answers.Communication is healthy in a relationship and when guys realize it’s not exclusively a feminine characteristic, things will go much more smoothly.


This could be a delicate, even significant issue. There’s a healthy amount of jealousy and possessiveness in each relationship, but extremes are not healthy. Some men think that it is their place to control and operate their female’s lives, and it’s not their place or anybody else for that matter. Women don’t enjoy this. Guys with this type of attitude should begin loosening the reigns and trusting their girls. Being mad for whatever the reason is not good. The key to any healthy relationship is for people to start up, have a healthy degree of confidence, be loyal, and treat each other as equals.