Wat kan ik doen om migraine te verlichten?

    While migraine headaches can be extremely painful, they can also have a significant impact on people’s lives. My chiropractor practice remembers Gary, a man in his 30s who suffered from migraine headaches. Gary brought his wife with him to my first meeting with Gary. We talked about his long history of migraines. He was unable to function when he had a migraine and had to go to sleep with the blinds and lights closed. His wife said that Gary’s headaches affected many of their family functions and vacations.

    Migraine Hoofdpijn

    This article will discuss migraine headaches, and how to get migraine headache relief without drugs. Research is showing that migraine headaches can be linked to neck problems. Cephalgia published a 2019 study that found migraine sufferers with concurrent neck pain had significantly more migraine related disability than those who didn’t have neck pain.

    The cervical vertebrae are the spinal bones of the neck. Migraines sufferers are more likely to experience misalignment or movement of the cervical vertebrae’s joints. Migraine headaches can be caused by abnormal or misaligned cervical spine joints. The cervical spine’s joints are known as the facet joints. Joint dysfunction is a misalignment or improper movement of the facet joint. What should a patient expect from their first visit to a chiropractor regarding their migraine headaches and joint dysfunction?

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    Chiropractische zorg

    During consultation, the chiropractor will first ask questions about the patient’s migraine history. The doctor of chiropractic will then examine the patient’s cervical spine to determine if there is any dysfunction in the facet joints. Chiropractic doctors have spent many years learning how to detect abnormal movement or misalignments in the cervical spine. This is called palpation. The art and skill of palpation is a specialty that chiropractors are known for.

    Chiropractic treatment can be started if there is cervical spine joint dysfunction. Chiropractic treatment can correct cervical spine facet dysfunction. Chiropractic adjustments are a gentle and safe way to correct facet joint dysfunction. Chiropractic adjustments correct and realign the cervical spine, reducing or eliminating facet joint dysfunction. This results in a reduction in migraine frequency, intensity, and loss of quality activity.


    Most patients who have chiropractic adjustments report feeling a tremendous sense of relaxation, tightness, and stress from their neck discomfort. Gary experienced migraine headache relief, which allowed him and his family to enjoy uninterrupted vacations and gatherings. He said that his wife and their children were thrilled that they could enjoy a relaxing vacation without being affected by migraine headaches.

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