Hoe voorkom je longontsteking?

Bacterial pneumonia, medical concept. 3D illustration showing rod-shaped bacteria inside alveoli of the lung

Do remember when we were young our mother or grandmother would tell us to not go outside in the cold without a jacket on or we would catch pneumonia? Is that actually correct? Could we actually catch pneumonia by going outside into the cold without a jacket? The cold weather can be a factor but more needs to be occurring behind the scenes so as to really get pneumonia.

Wist je dat?

There are several types of viruses and bacteria that cause pneumonia and they need to be within your body so as to deal with this illness. The normal case of pneumonia is caused by the Pneumococcus (Streptococcus pneumonia) bacterium. Viruses like rhinoviruses, flu, herpes simplex, and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) may also be thought of as a cause of pneumonia.

Pneumonia can be fatal for AIDS patients because their immune systems are already in a severely weakened state. How do you contract pneumonia? A perfect storm of sorts must occur before you contract pneumonia. For instance, your immune system needs to be quite weak, the virus or bacterium needs to be quite powerful, and the virus or bacterium needs to maintain your body and stay there for some time.


There’s as much as a 50-50 chance that you or anybody else is a carrier of pneumonia organisms without even being conscious of it. However, only a tiny portion of those carriers will contract the illness. On the other hand, if you let yourself become greatly run down due to too much work, or you’re not getting sufficient rest, and if the weather also be bad, those germs or viruses may very well take more, and then the next thing you know – you’re the world’s next victim of pneumonia.


How do you prevent pneumonia? The harm that viruses and bacteria can do depends mostly upon the status of their environment that is your body. So, to the extent that’s possible, build a disease-resistant environment inside your body by giving due attention to your health even if you aren’t sick. Acquire resistance to pneumonia by building a strong, healthy immune system.

That means eating healthy, nourishing food and keeping your muscles, heart, and lungs sound with essential exercise, and by getting adequate sleep and rest. Maintain your hydration levels high on a daily basis. Glutathione is naturally created by the human body and it’s the main component required to develop a very powerful immune system. In the start of this guide we talked about three factors that will need to be present in order for someone to deal with pneumonia. One of them was having a weak immune system. If you’ve got a strong immune system the other two factors can’t affect you. Start now by strengthening your immune system.