Hoe krijg je natuurlijke verlichting van migraine hoofdpijn?

Cod Liver Oil

There’s good news. Natural migraine headache relief can be achieved and is safe. More than 25 million Americans seek relief from migraine headaches. About 17 million people suffer from migraines, or 75 percent. About 6 million of the 17,000,000 U.S. episodes can last for hours or days, often leaving people bedridden and unable fully to function. There are many symptoms of migraine, but most often they involve recurring intense throbbing pain on one side of your head.


Although the exact causes are unknown, they may be due to excessive inflammation caused by stress and hormonal imbalances. An episode may also be triggered by certain foods, such as chocolate, caffeine, MSG, and taking birth control pills. Supplements, such as natural anti-inflammatory fish oils, can also trigger an episode.

Start by looking for ways to reduce stress in your daily life. Surround yourself with positive, supportive, and fun people. You should pamper yourself. To reduce migraine-related muscular tension around your neck, shoulders, and head, you can get regular massages. Start taking short, easy, and moderately strenuous walks.

Juiste voeding

Next, it’s time for you to improve your diet. You might think you eat well enough. It doesn’t matter how good you eat. Here are some guidelines. Get plenty of clean, pure water. Stop smoking. Avoid sugary foods, caffeine, excessive alcohol, and processed foods. Consume more whole grains, fresh fish, and lots of colorful fruits & vegetables. Limit your fat intake to 20%-30% of total calories.

You can supplement your diet with good quality omega 3 and multiple fish oils. A great way to relieve migraines is to supplement your diet with omega-3 fish oil rich in EPA and DHA. High quality omega-3 fish oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties that balance your hormones. This lowers your chances of suffering from headaches or migraines.

Laatste tip

Clinical studies in the U.S., Sweden, and Denmark have shown similar results. Researchers found that at least 85% American women are deficient in omega-3 fatty acids. Nearly 20% of American women are so low in EPA or DHA that testing methods cannot detect them.