Hoe de perimenopauzesymptomen onder controle te houden?

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Atrophic vaginitis or vaginal dryness and irritation are classic signs of perimenopause. It not only occurs while you are having intercourse. It may also occur in everyday life and may vary from mild and conducive to irritating and bothersome. A thin coating of moisture coming from the blood vessels of the wall normally lubricates the vaginal walls. More so when a woman is sexually aroused. But this perimenopause symptom, also connected to the female hormone imbalance, changes that.


Studies indicate that the reduction of estrogen is the leading cause of vaginal dryness. A lack of it also results in the vaginal tissues to atrophy (cells become thinner, drier and less elastic than normal). Symptoms of this might be a stinging sensation, some itching, urinary incontinence, painful sexual intercourse and some bleeding during intercourse.

Other things to trigger vaginal irritation would be stress, anxiety, depression, lack of rest and sleep, infections (bacterial, viral and sexual in nature), medication like antihistamines and antidepressants, smoking, excessive alcohol ingestion, allergic reaction to douches and chemicals in soaps, and unresolved relationship issues. What should you do if dryness and irritation strikes? Well , check your diet.

Juiste voeding

Stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water to stop h20 loss. Soy and flaxseed is going to be a huge help in your daily diet. Try to have supplements available as well like products like vitamin E oil, vaginal moisturizers, or vaginal lubricants (preferably water-based so you won’t find enough problems when you’ve got an allergy to chemicals). As stated previously, stress is a significant contributor to the aggravation.

Don’t over-exercise. Try to perform tried-but-tested stress reduction techniques like meditation or yoga. Try alternative medicine also. Take teas like chamomile and peppermint to make you relax. If you’re into medication, you can try hormone replacement therapy (HRT), but it truly isn’t recommended since there are a few instances that have worsened and more severe vaginal dryness and irritation.

Estrogen Therapy

Vaginal estrogen therapy can be considered a viable alternative. If you do not believe it that much, then speak with your doctor about possible alternatives for this. Also, consider carefully if you would like surgery, as it’s a risky thing to do. But obviously, when you and your doctor settle on a compromise where you are going to be more comfortable, then that would be far better. If all else fails, the secret might just be on your relationship with your spouse.

Unresolved issues can be a potential element in getting this condition. Open line of communication is very much recommended. When all issues are set, then you can both focus on regular sexual satisfaction because this is going to be a big help in boosting blood flow to the vaginal walls, thereby lessening and reducing dryness.