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    Many stay at home mothers are currently trying to find a”perfect” home-based enterprise. They do not want to lose their fantasy. They eventually managed to cut-back into the bare-minimum, they’ve learned the way to frugally cook and thrift store like the pros, there’s absolutely not any way they could trim the budget any further; and yet, after all their hard work they’re still finding themselves in a panic over their finances.

    Working at home

    Yet working at home not only provides you an additional source of revenue but also extra time. The wide variety of home-based businesses is a lot bigger than it was, and according to my study a new online business is created every 10 minutes. You can imagine how confusing this is for someone with very little business experience. This is usually followed closely by “How do you fit it all in?” Time management is a critical issue for work at home mothers.

    While you’re probably already doing some of the obvious things like taking advantage of nap times and bedtime, here are some additional suggestions to make things simpler for you while working from home and caring for young children. All work at home mothers need to have a definite purpose in mind when you go to your PC. It is helpful to keep a notebook by your computer consistently with your targets and to-do lists inside, all in once place.

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    This helps prevent you from aimlessly checking email or surfing the internet and getting lost. Know what you will need to achieve, write it down, do it, and continue on to another activity. Consider hiring a virtual assistant when you’ve got a whole lot of administrative tasks. Or pay your children to do things for you that are age appropriate. This may even be a tax deductible expense. Check with your accountant.

    Consider the steps that you engage yourself in with your organization and see if these tasks are actually paying off for you. Ask those who are where you need to be on your company how they manage their time or join a community or association of like minded mums which can help you. Just because something is free does not mean that you should be spending some time doing it.


    So, mothers or parents who wish to remain at home with their children and begin their own on line home company, can do this with the knowledge it is not really difficult if one goes about it the right way. For a small investment you can become the CEO of your very own little empire, remain at home with your kids and be a very important part of their lives, as you get more than you ever did working in your job. The pros in this case far outweigh the cons. My last bit of advice? Make an effort now to begin stealing moments of happiness. Life isn’t a dress rehearsal so appreciate every moment which you can!

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