Ci sono consigli per la maternità e l'allattamento?

Father holds naked newborn son in his hands in a white diaper. New family life

For new breastfeeding mothers, needs to breastfeed can be extremely overwhelming. But understanding some tips and pointers will help make nursing your newborn a rewarding along with successful experience. Skin-to-skin connection with your baby is essential.

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Be reminded that holding her or him might help regulate his heartrate, breathing and temperature for a less strenuous transition from the womb. After delivery immediately, your breast will produce first milk. This can be a liquid that is highly concentrated in colostrum. You must be aware that this may play an extremely significant role in your baby’s first development because it passes on antibodies right to your child to be able to fight infection and sickness.

Basically, this may strengthen their immune system. If you might believe that the quantity of your first milk is low, it is extremely imperative so that you can understand that colostrum is focused on the nourishing quality of the liquid. A lot of medical researchers say that precursor to breast milk is really a superior option instead of other newborn feeding alternatives.

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Through the entire span of a feeding, milk evolves and changes. The milk that’s produced through the onset of a feeding is called foremilk. It has watery and thin appearance. That is also an indicator that hind milk (a richer, high-fat breast milk) has been produced for the baby. It is vital that you can allow your son or daughter to drink just as much as he wants as this can ensure that she or he gets just as much nutrients as you possibly can.

Of the method that you will feed her or him regardless, always start out with the contrary breast compared to the one you started with the final time you fed her or him. Breastfeed as prompt as possible upon delivering your child. Usually do not offer water to your newborn. Whenever you can, take part in skin-to-skin connection with your son or daughter. Know the right way of holding your child to conform proper latching. Keep your child by your bed so that you can quickly react to their needs.


Breastfeeding, in public especially, is embarrassing for new mums somewhat. Today, you can find already maternity and breastfeeding tops and dresses which will enable you to feed your child easily and conveniently, without revealing a few of your flesh. With the advancement of technology, you can also purchase them online.