Is Stomach Migraine A Thing?

    Stomach migraine, also known as abdominal migraines, is the most common type of migraine that affects children and teens more than adults. Although this is not a headache-like condition, it is characterized by persistent abdominal pains. The chemical process is almost the same. The stomach sends pain signals to the brain when there is inflammation of the blood vessels around the brain.

    Stomach Migraine

    Some stomach migraine episodes can last from a few minutes up to three hours. Some stomach migraines can cause visual disturbances or temporary auras. These vision problems can pose risks for the child and others around him. Visual disturbances include small, enlarging blind spots and zigzag lines.

    Temporary blindness can also occur. Some people may not experience headaches. These symptoms may be present in children as young as five years old. Stomach migraines should never be confused with any other digestive-related illness. Migraine indicators are persistent stomach pains that are associated with visual impairments.

    Other Symptoms

    Other symptoms include anorexia, lack of appetite, nausea, vomiting, and bright lights. Trigger marks or stomach migraines can occur with or without trigger signs. Migraines are usually caused by physiological stress and skipping meals. Stress can come from many sources, including peer pressure, school work, and parent expectations. This condition can also be caused by MSG-containing foods, such as junk food.

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    Stomach migraines can be reduced by living a healthy lifestyle that includes eating right, avoiding caffeine and colas, regular exercise, and getting enough sleep. Children are more susceptible to this type of migraine so it is important to exercise caution when taking medication. Some medications can have side-effects that could hinder the child’s learning or lead to drug dependence later on.


    Alternative treatments for stomach migraine may include holistic approaches, such as massages, trigger prevention and applying compresses. Some people may need to remain in a darkened room to avoid migraine triggers. It is important to inform parents about the symptoms so that they can be addressed as soon as possible. When migraines become more severe and frequent, it is a good idea to consult a doctor.

    Anyone who suffers from stomach migraine sickness regularly, whether they are a child or an adult, needs the support and understanding of their parents and peers. Some migraines can make a person weak at the knees while others can debilitate them for the entire day. Migraines can affect anyone, even adults. Knowing that migraine sufferers have the support and empathy of important people in their lives can help them live as normal as possible.

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