Is Sports Changing The Face Of Feminism?

    Right from the minutes of my arrival, or perhaps from the moment I started to understand things about me, I have always lived with the conception and preaching of the bible that’s the”God found Adam to be alone and lonely, so he gave Adam a woman (Eve) to be his companion.” Two people were actually created, but obviously one was born with one lib of another.


    Maybe it’s a fantastic reason to say they’re poorer, but just like the bible, there’s also a phrase that I grew up with that is really compared with what the bible has believed me and it’s that: whatever a man can do, a woman can two greater. Maybe this is appropriate because we have women in all areas of life doing exactly the identical thing guys are doing and they seem to be in charge of the society into the best of my understanding since they’re treated with higher taste.

    If you doubt me, then you need to note it is legal for girl to hit a guy in most cases and be considered nothing, but a woman being hit by a man really lands the guy in trouble. However, feminism of this nature have been accounted for in the western countries, unlike the African and Arabic world where men still dominate women in violent manners and go free. What’s interesting is that sports may be changing this face. Right from the unset, Russia has lot to prove to the world.

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    That they’re not the soviet past, rather they are the current democracy; that they’re not the manly and domineering society; rather they understand the essence of nurturing people around; and naturally they can successfully host world sports such as the Olympics with no worry. Well they’ve been effective in doing all these with a more additional flavor and that’s introducing the first ever”girls sky jumping” which girls has never engaged in over 90 years. Hey, do not be carried away by this, you should understand that this achievement did not come at such simplicity, instead it was barely fought by many girls like those of you reading this and the struggle lasted over decades.

    Let’s understand it

    Thus, I’m beginning to understand in addition to believe that sports is actually communicating and encouraging change, feminism, equality and gender unity. Women can do anything that men can do. They’re in the military, they are leaders, they also endured slavery like guys, they’re in our homes, our schools, communities, states and each part of our lives. So why do they have to be left out in certain instances? I think what Russia and the Olympics board has done is a excellent social change initiative that counties, communities, businesses, and household attaching women with some feeling of inferiority should learn from.

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    All human beings on earth now are products of girls. They gave birth to governors, presidents, senators and so forth, yet they’re still being left out in a few society? That’s wholly unfair and the world should look around Russia in that opinion with reference to Sochi 2014. This is the time that girls all around the world have to be respect and accorded their proper stands in the society with equity and equality.

    Also to all girls around the world, it is possible to fight for 80 years without winning the battle, but those who fought for the girls sky jumping is requesting you to try one more time. Yes! Never give up! The change has to be made but you have a role to play.



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