Is Menopause And Weight Gain Linked?

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Nearly all women over 40 and especially those within their 50’s will let you know they find menopause and weight gain to be linked together. This is a common time and energy to placed on weight plus some of it could be due to changes in lifestyle. It generally does not explain the key reason why you’re gaining weight around your abdomen, whereas in your younger years you may have discovered that you gained weight round the hip area.

Weight Gain

Could it be a myth? The actual facts are that hormone changes do have the right part to play in this. At menopause a female stops ovulating, her monthly periods end and her body produces lower levels of the feminine hormone estrogen now, which was in charge of the ovulation process. Low estrogen has been related to weight gain in fact it is probably the most likely reason our anatomies change shape.

Most woman of childbearing age have a tendency to store fat within their lower torso, after menopause they store it in the abdomen area. That one fact can result in a greater threat of developing cardiovascular disease. When women hit their 40’s and 50’s they often slow down making use of their exercise routines and can experience their muscle turning out to be fat.


At the moment your metabolism down slows, so you actually want to adjust your diet plan to stop your body from gaining an excessive amount of weight. A lot of women could be using hormone link and therapy this with their weight gain, but studies show that hormone therapy will not cause weight gain. So that you can not link menopause and weight gain together as an underlying cause really.

You many experience temporary bloating because of water retention when you initially start hormone therapy but this can not last greater than a little while. In case you are found by you’re gaining weight during menopause, there are many actions you can take. Be sure you are eating a wholesome zero fat diet, including extra fiber and stay from an excessive amount of sugar away, caffeine and alcohol.


As you age it really is natural to decelerate with your physical exercise. You haven’t any kids to perform around after now. You almost certainly take less active vacations and just over-all take these more slowly. Even your task becomes less demanding for you personally. By firmly taking just half an hour each day to accomplish some form of activity it is simple to balance out the result of one’s weight gain.

Walking is a good activity since it uses your large muscles and is simple on your own joints. Cycling is another great activity that lots of older people prefer to take up. Understand that the form of one’s body changes and accept these noticeable changes. Maintaining a wholesome lifestyle with great diet plan and moderate exercise is likely to be really good for you and can help combat the menopause and weight gain syndrome.