Is Bio-Identical Hormone A Carcinogen?

3D Rendering of a cancer cell - medical illustration

Since the women’s Health Initiative in 2002 reported that:”it would be better for girls to take nothing at all than to take such dangerous, dangerous, and sometimes deadly hormones,” the artificial hormone’s heyday was over. Nowadays, the witch synthetic hormone has shifted to the fairy bio-identical hormone following dressing up green.

Bio-identical Hormones

People assert that bio-identical hormones are safer than synthetic hormones for 2 reasons. They are from natural sources, such as soy or yams, so they’re safer. The simple fact is that artificial hormones are from natural sources also, the urine of pregnant mares. However, bio-identical hormones need to be synthesized to alter the chemical structure, because plants don’t have same estrogen as people. Second, they have precisely the same chemical structure as estrogens produced by a female’s body, so they’re safer.

The simple fact is that estrogens produced by the body have three unique chemicals estrone (E1), estradiol (E2) and estriol (E3), and their proportions are changing at every moment: a dynamic process of existence. It’s not possible for man-made bio-identical estrogen to have the energetic equilibrium. Besides, menopause women do believe fewer side effects from bio-identical; this is because of low dosages. Now you begin at low dosages and slowly increase to an effective dose, unlike synthetic estrogen pills a decade ago, which have been one-size-fits-all.

Good to know

In actuality, today’s artificial estrogen pills have 5 doses. If you start from low to high, you’ll receive fewer side effects also. Since the body’s own estrogen may cause cancers, obviously, estrogen pills that are foreign hormones may cause cancers. Regardless of artificial or bio-identical estrogen, the simple function in the human body is the same: to promote cell division, especially in hormone-sensitive tissue like the breast and uterus, and this is why they have the very same dangers to cause cancers.

For instance, by the time a breast cancer has grown to a touchable tumor, it’s been growing for ten decades. Up to 200,000 women in the America are diagnosed with breast cancer annually. If you multiply this number by ten, this implies 2,000,000 girls are taking undetected breast cancer. During these ten years, if you take estrogen, artificial or bio-identical, you fuel breast cancer cells to divide. Many menopause women are awaiting another enormous clinical trial to get the solution.

Final word

Unfortunately, the Women’s Health Initiative has spent $625 million taxpayer money over its 14-year duration; it is not likely to receive more cash for bio-identical hormones in the not too distant future. In 2008, the FDA cracked down on bio-identical hormones from compounding pharmacies. The FDA asked physicians to stop using the non-scientific term”bio-identical”, which contributes to misbranding the medication. The FDA concluded that the dangers of compounded bio-identical estrogens and progestins wouldn’t be different than the risk reported for FDA-approved artificial hormone replacement drugs. Incidentally, Suzanne Somers, the bio-identical queen that touts the miracle drug ostensibly over decades, got breast cancer. Her wonder medication may have caused her own cancer, and she might cause yours later on.