Is Arthritis An Auto-Immune Disease?

An estimated one in five people in the U.S. Arthritis can strike and cause damage in a range of body parts including the joints, muscles, tissues, organs and skin. The 2 kinds of arthritis reviewed in this article are rheumatoid arthritis and juvenile arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is a mostly adult afflicting auto-immune disease with potentially severe consequences.

Juvenile arthritis

It is also an auto-immune problem although juvenile arthritis tends to afflict toddlers and young children, in a seemingly arbitrary way. In both instances, the white blood cells of the bodys immune system lose their ability to differentiate between the healthy cells of the body and foreign cells such as bacteria or viruses. In mistaking the identity of its own cells for invaders, the immune system launches an attack releasing compounds to rid the body of the cells which it sees as invaders. The robust and potent substances released in the attack tend to harm more than just the target cells nonetheless. The end result is harm to the tissue surrounding the assault and appears as pain and inflammation in the individual and is diagnosed as arthritis.

Good to know

Normally, inflammation is a fantastic thing, signaling the body is repairing, cleaning and recovery. However, in the case of arthritis, the symptoms of inflammation, redness, and pain are actually signs of the body attacking itself. It appears as if the mix-up in both of these kinds of arthritis, as is true in most auto-immune diseases, occurs when the body is no longer able to properly differentiate between foreign cells and its own cells. This normally entails changes across the cell membranes and is triggered by faulty or missing signaling molecules called glycoproteins. Glycoproteins lie on the surface of cell membranes and are utilized in the body as a means of recognition”Hi, Im a part of you, dont strike me!” , and as a way of communicating, “Hey, stop spitting those substances , dont you see I belong here? When these signaling molecules, the glycoproteins, dont operate properly the bodys defense mechanism heads into full gear and starts attacking itself.


New research is revealing that there could be ways to fight this mix up of signs. Many therapists and nutritionists are now advocating glyconutrients to be obtained in the kind of food (they are found in plant material) or as a glyconutrient supplement. The specific mechanism of how these ingested glyconutrients work isn’t quite understood, however, the results speak for themselves.