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    Adakah Langkah Mudah Untuk Meredakan Migrain Dengan Cepat?

    Migraine pain is a serious problem. Fast relief is essential. Although it is often more difficult to find than you think, this is possible by taking quick action. Migraine pain is something I have experienced for many years. Migraine pain is something that non-migraineurs can’t understand. They don’t understand the full extent of migraine pain if they haven’t experienced it themselves or at least shared it with someone else. My husband was able to understand my situation and was a great support.


    Here are five steps you can take to get rid of your Migraine. These steps will not cure the Migraine, but they can reduce the severity or length of the Migraine. Do you experience flashes of light, sparkly images, or haloes surrounding objects? Do you experience mood swings Some people experience mood swings and become uncharacteristically productive, exhibiting an abnormal level of energy.

    Others may become lethargic and yawn often just before an attack. I kept some of my prescription medication close by so that I could take a dose whenever I felt the Migraine symptoms. Sometimes it helped. Although it did not cure the Migraine, it could make it more bearable. Over-the-counter medications are not recommended as they can cause Migraine rebound and have never worked for me.

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    Find a place where you can relax and lie down as soon as possible. You want to be as far away as possible from the hustle and bustle that is everyday life. My favorite place was my bed. I would turn off the lights, close the curtains, then crawl in. If you are away from home, surrender to your hotel room, or the room of a relative. Turn off any noise makers, chiming alarms, air conditioners, or anything else that could disturb you.

    You may notice an increase in sensitivity to smells and aromas during migraines. If so, turn them off from your quiet zone. Aromatherapy can be very therapeutic for migraineurs. Wear an eye mask to soothe your headaches. You can experiment with different options. A lavender-scented mask may be soothing and refreshing. Others prefer to use chilled eye masks, or place an icepack on their neck at their base. You can also buy refrigerated head wraps or eye masks if this is your preference. Keep one at work for quick relief before you head home. In a pinch, a damp, cool cloth can be used to cover your eyes or placed on your forehead. This may sound crazy when your head hurts, but it works.

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    Relax, unwind, release tension and let go of all tension. Your head is already creating enough. You can shut off all noises and sounds in your head. Some people find calming music soothing, while others prefer meditation. A nap can make you feel more relaxed. My husband would leave the house to work in his shop, or go out for a short time so that I wouldn’t be interrupted. You can rest easy knowing that your pets and children are being taken care of by someone else.



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