How Does Chinese Medicine Treat Infertility?

    Infertility treatment directed by Chinese medicine and acupuncture, takes us into many degrees as we attempt to produce pregnancy. The soul, like the moon is new, and always new. I’ve seen the sea continually creating. Your ovaries are tucked deep inside the corners of the pelvis, protected from immediate exposure to the environment, but not unaffected by it.

    Take note

    The same way next year’s crops are affected by this year’s seeds and soil conditions; your ovaries are still taking in all the messages that your body/mind is interpreting about the status of the world, and translating it into a hormonal reaction.

    • SENSORY INPUT: You see your world based on your previous conditioning. Your senses are like antennae that literally take the world in through the sensory organs.
    • HYPOTHALAMUS: These psychological messages arrive via afferent nerves to the hypothalamus, which translates these messages to chemical responses.
    • PITUITARY GLAND: The pituitary gland gets the message in the hypothalamus to be less fertile.
    • INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT: Now the outside environment has become the inner atmosphere.The body is a duplicating machine for the brain. We’ve set up the internal environment based on our emotional response to the world. If we’re at odds with it, energetic holding patterns will determine which body parts get what messages.
    • OVARY: If the inner environment is one of tension and strain, the follicle will be deprived of blood, oxygenation, nutrition, and hormonal gas. This environment won’t enable the egg a excellent chance for survival.
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    Let’s understand it

    Consider the oceans, always producing, pouring forth new life every thirteen months, filled with possibility, life teeming on to find where it could be obtained throughout the oceans. We see the body as a microcosm of nature. Where scarcity is the outside psychological response, scarcity are the deepest inner expression. Where prosperity is perceived, prosperity is longing to be expressed.

    Our method utilizes a process of inner alchemy – transforming what’s into what could be. We utilize the interaction of “fire and water” – the outermost expression getting the innermost manifestation. In the body, the brain’s messages energetically come through the center, the carrier of the light of soul, by which we are living in fact, or fire. We can not talk ourselves into this fact; we must energetically live according to the light of the heart’s fire.


    The ovaries represent water, such as the depths of the sea floor, teeming with potential. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to start to cultivate a more fertile response on your world. How many hours a day do you reside in a state of simplicity? How many pleasurable activities do you do on your own daily? Do you sweat and laugh daily? Do you consume as nature intends you to? Do you sleep soundly and wake up refreshed? Do you see your life, as it is right now, as good enough?

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    If not, see whether you can take three months, and do whatever you can for yourself so that you can answer the questions positively. You may want to try acupuncture. Try Chinese herbs, Qi Gong exercises, meditation, and walks in nature. See if you’re able to eliminate sugar, wheat, milk, alcohol, and caffeine, while still savoring and enjoying your meals.


    See if you can stop trying so hard to do it correctly. Be around people who understand and support you. Come to escape to reinforce a fertile reaction. Live according to the laws of nature which are here to serve you. Live abundantly. Life is calling you through this procedure. Don’t fight it say yes. Many women find that moving from infertility to fertility is linked to the mind, soul and body interplay that we clarify. While improving their own lives, they make their way towards conditions that encourage pregnancy. We want our readers the very best in their journeys.


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