Can Your Vitamins Be Banned?

    You contact your favorite supplement distributor to purchase some of your usual vitamins and other supplements and you find out that they’ve all been banned! The joint support supplement you relied upon to keep your knees healing and pain free is now gone.

    Be aware

    The vitamins you loved to take to maintain your energy level high and immune system strong – all gone. Your former distributor explains. Think this can not happen? It’s happening right NOW. In 2002 the European Union passed the directive on dietary supplements.

    This directive, which is part of a larger form of legislation called codex alimentarius, is a dangerous directive which takes away your rights as an American Citizen. This is also encouraged by your FDA.

    Are you conscious of the devastating effects this will have on your health? Because it is in violation of our sovereignty and present Laws, this directive is still another dangerous threat to our Freedom.

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    This directive is on track to take effect in the USA in less than ONE year.



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