Are there Home Remedies for Gout that work?

    A few years ago, I was suffering from a gout attack. A friend asked me how she would know if she had gout. I replied that I would trust her to know. Gout or metabolic arthritis can be extremely painful. It makes it almost impossible to walk, according to my experience.

    Simptomi Gihta

    Gout home remedies were the first thing that helped me see quick results and stop my gout attacks. These are the home remedies that worked for me.

    Home Remedies for Gout

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    Gout Home Remedies

    Natural Remedies

    • Gout can be easily cured by using this one trick. It works because cherries (and other fruits) help to neutralize the acid that causes gout. They are also rich in vitamin C, magnesium, and other minerals that promote circulation and aid digestion. I read about a study that found that eating half a pound of cherries could lower uric acids levels than normal. Although it sounds like a lot, if you’ve ever experienced gout pain, this is a good idea.
    • Drinking lots of water will help your body to process the uric acids and eliminate it faster. You can neutralize acids in your body by adding alko-pro to your water. If you don’t have any other options, make sure to drink at least 2 liters of water per day.
    • The body will be alkalized by chlorella- Chlorella, wheatgrass, and spirulina. It works the same way as high-PH water.
    • Hydrotherapy- If you have gout, running cold water over the affected joints will temporarily relieve the pain. You can then take a cool bath.
    • Juniper Oil – Apply a few drops to the affected area and make a compress. Juniper oil can help to break down toxic deposits. Drinking water will speed up recovery by washing out the toxic deposits.
    • Activated Charcoal – Consuming activated charcoal in your body will reduce the amount of uric acid found in your blood.
    • Devil’s Claw – NOTE: Do not take this herb if your diabetes is severe or you are taking blood thinners. Devil’s claw, another anti-inflammatory herb, can help with the pain of metabolic arthritis. It also helps to reduce uric acid buildup.
    • Garlic- Garlic is my favorite superfood. Garlic actually inhibits the production uric acid in the case of gout.
    • Thyme – It’s not just for cooking! Thyme has been used to treat gout since the 1600’s. You will immediately notice the anti-inflammatory properties of thyme tea.
    • Curcuma: Gout Medicine
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