How To Work With Women?

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Beautiful and Lovable, the Yalla! Arabic, or “en avant” in French, is the best anthem for adventuresome women that are on their journeys of awakening to their instinctive, beautiful and adorable selves. According to my own experiences and my close friendships and work with girls, I’ve surmised that women yearn to feel at ease with themselves, to take themselves, and to be true to themselves.

Take into account

Also, that, until they do, they won’t feel really beautiful, but will believe their attractiveness is always subject to external problems. Feeling beautiful and feeling adorable are inextricably entwined. They feed one another. We can not feel truly beautiful unless we feel adorable. Likewise, unless we understand our lovableness, we’re forever questioning our attractiveness. This type of country is quite agitating. It breeds incessant insecurities, forcing our emotions into violent, irregular action.

So as to see and feel our own attractiveness and lovableness, we will need to unwind. And, we will need to rethink or reframe our notions of beauty. In my Yalla! Work with girls, we softly redefine”attractiveness” in fresh terms. Awakening to our attractiveness and lovableness is critical to our emotional health and the quality of our relationships. Awakening is an imperative for, if we do not, we’re comatose, dried up, and can’t fully contribute to our planet.

Did you know?

The drive for validation, acceptance, attention — in other words, to fill the emptiness within — leads to misery, damaging decisions, shaky relationships, and fear. I speak from my own experience on this. Concomitantly, when a woman is alert to her own beauty, she approaches others as equals, relaxed, and with no wall of insecurity. This promotes healthful relationships, professionally and personally. There is not as much self-censorship, self-criticism, and codependency since she feels complete. Awakening to our beauty and lovableness comes from reconnecting with who we are, not from flying auto-pilot with whom we believe we must be.

When girls are authentic, they free other men and women to be so. We produce our own style. We exude beauty by fostering our own lives and bodies with beautiful thoughts, great psychological habits and healthier wisdom. But we need mentors and tools to do this. This is why it’s so important for women to gather and discuss their ancient and collective methods of being. No woman can attain this on her own. So as to be fully ourselves, we will need to keep alert, think for ourselves, and rebel against all of the incorrect media mayhem regarding beauty and lovableness.

Keep in mind

In actuality, we can create a habit of being alert to our attractiveness, an inner-knowing of our beauty that can not be easily blown off course. We can focus on our bodies and emotions — our internal gyroscope — to recognize immediately if we are beginning to sink. And, we can learn what to do to stay afloat. Awakening to our lovableness arises when we take ourselves just how we are right now. The drive to be”better” is a denial of our current dearness and of our right as a human being to be an imperfect student. It contributes to constant dissatisfaction. Nobody ever “arrives.” We learn to understand our worth, not in terms of what we do for others or others’ eyes, but in terms of how authentically we’re living. We clinic extreme self-awareness to recognize when our behaviour is driven by a need for other people to see our worth, attractiveness, and lovableness, – and also to understand how to regroup and take ourselves to live a hot life.

We free ourselves of the relentless self-doubt that makes our hearts heavy. We shamelessly rejoice in ourselves and learn how to treat ourselves gently. Women are incredibly hard on themselves. Usually, we show others considerably more compassion than we reveal ourselves. We hold ourselves to programs and to-do lists that twelve people could not accomplish. We do not give ourselves space to breathe. What a joy it is to cultivate our compassionate natures. Sadly, we often feel burdened, hurried and harried, we fail to find opportunities to exercise our empathy. We don’t observe another in need, don’t respond to our fellow beings. And this produces a hollow life.

Perhaps such a malnourished woman can’t place her finger on what’s missing, but self-orbiting and a lack of awareness of others are gross neglect of her divinity and internal joy. Whether from self-preservation, a confused idea of liberty as constantly”doing it all by myself,” et cetera, girls often build a wall around themselves four-feet thick. They become doers, rather than be-ers, and do not even notice when love comes knocking in its myriad forms. It’s time that we laugh a whole lot longer, let love in, and increase our ability to receive (or let ) love. It’s time that we create a simpler life with more space to breathe, we love and delight in the easy things that nourish the soul. We can achieve this. We can develop the good habit of sparking our imagination daily and practice self-awareness and apply the sharp tools we gather to this end. It’s all right and, even, essential to question relationships and roles. We will need to let ourselves our desires to make, and whatever else we want to perform.


We can know where we start and end, so we no longer fall into co-dependency. To be free, we have to remove the hateful shoulds. May we find the courage to walk our own lives, and to be brought into connection with our instinctual selves who long to express, create, run, growl, dance, mourn, nourish, giggle, shout, stomp and make love. We’re all”learners.” Let’s exercise self-compassion, be gentle and patient with ourselves. Learning that we’re adorable and beautiful, let’s practice allowing love to attain our molten magma core, as opposed to working in a manner of hurry-up where we overlook the countless expressions of love daily. Let us nourish ourselves with the fantastic joy that comes from detecting others in need of care and reacting to them.

Women, we will need to be profoundly kind to ourselves. We will need to release guilt and self-blame, in addition to attribute of the others (again, blame suggests a feeling of victimhood). Let’s enjoy this glorious universe, understanding that we are integral parts of it. Sadly, women are often very inhumane to women due to their own insecurities, fear, and lack of understanding their beauty and lovableness. Let’s deny such pettiness, rivalry, and cruelty. Let’s wake up to our own attractiveness and lovableness and treat our sisters .


Awakening to our attractiveness and lovableness is a continuous love affair. It never ends. As we seek this experience, we know to be grateful and happy, independent of circumstances. We discharge the belief of victimhood that stops us in our paths. Our electricity is restored. Step by step and collectively, we walk, breathe and dance our lives as entire ladies. I propose a toast. Let’s lift our glasses with our inspirational Yalla!