How To Use Pepper Spray?

    The biggest reason that girls choose self defense pepper sprays over other kinds of self defense is that the majority of the pepper sprays that you buy today have a selection of 5 – 10 feet. So they could stop an attacker before he’s close enough to catch you and wrestle the device from her hands.

    Stun guns

    Stun guns are more powerful, but you require direct contact with the individual before they succeed, and at times guys would be able to over power the girls before she had an opportunity to use her stun gun to protect herself. The trick to getting the very best use out of your merchandise is to completely comprehend how it is to be utilized. Despite the fact that self defense pepper sprays are designed so that anybody can use it efficiently, there are nonetheless some strategies to keep in mind to be certain that you’re using it as efficiently as possible.

    A pepper spray canister functions just like a can of spray paint. Just aim at your attacker’s head and press the button. If you’re approached by a possible thief or rapists, ensure you remain calm and watch your assailant when you’re spraying him. Most people will be stopped with a brief 2 – 3 minute shot to the face. Keep your eyes open.

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    Take note

    It’s a natural tendency to shut your eyes when you’re spraying to keep from getting the stuff on your own eyes. But if you’re spraying away from yourself, this won’t happen. It’s quite important that you keep your eyes open so you can see if another person moves to the side to keep from being sprayed. If he does move you want to readjust your goal. Most attackers will turn and run if they see you’ve got some self defense pepper sprays and you seem calm and ready to use it.

    If the initial 2 – 3 minute burst didn’t fully stop another person, you’ll have to give them another burst to fully incapacitate them. There are a few different means of spraying on your device at the other person. One would be to simply point the canister towards your attacker’s face and spray on it while holding your aim steady. Another would be to use the’fan technique,’ spraying immediately from side to side, this system is best if another person is attempting to dodge the spray.

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    Always keep your eye on the assailant to make certain no matter the technique you use, the spray is hitting their face. Always carry your self defense pepper sprays where they are simple to get at. And practice on the quickest way to get at it if you want it. It’s a really good idea to get it out and ready to use if you’re walking alone.



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