How To Treat The Lack Of Libido At Menopause?

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It’s been observed in scientific studies that loss of libido is being reported by both women and men. While it had been known that the majority of individuals would decrease desire for sex in age 45 years and over, the age is now dropping. In the USA, 4 out of every 10 women report not enjoying their sexual lifestyle. This is extremely near the male figures in the States and in UK.


The age over 45 is referred to as the menopause age, at this stage in life, it’s anticipated that many women would lose their desire for sex. This is a result of the hormonal changes like fall in levels of estrogen hormone. The falling age for menopause as well as the rising number of women reporting loss of libido is undoubtedly a cause for concern. Just what could be contributing to this? Among those suggestions or concepts is that life has become just too quickly. You may agree with me that in many countries like the USA, lots of men and women are now forced to do two or three jobs. This means that there’s simply no opportunity to communicate between sexually active people.

Stress levels also have been increasing and this means that it’s impact on hormonal balance, and robes away the mood for sex. There’s an effort to make contact through net with sex hookers making this up. This merely ends up being a physical activity without psychological satisfaction. This simply defeats the definition of libido or sex drive as a psychic and emotional energy. With this lack of communication even in earlier instances in life, women reaching menopause are not as likely to get some residual desire for intercourse.

Speak with your sex partner and a doctor: talking about your lack of sexual satisfaction has the psychological impact of knowing that there are other who share your problem. Your sexual partner also gets to take responsibility in assisting you to improve in your sex. Learn new gender styles: there is never an end to learning, and fresh way of doing things often sparks a bit more fire. Take the first step and enroll in a sexology class.


This investment will certainly be worthy. Eat healthy: junk foods like French fries on daily basis wouldn’t provide you with the vitamins and proteins that you will need to replenish your body tissues. This will also enhance the level of estrogen. Exercise: physical endurance is vital to improving libido . Simple aerobic exercises and those intended to fortify eh vaginal muscles can be performed at home with amazing results.