How To Start Your Day With Good Mentality?

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Every morning as you start your day, you decide on a series of events into motion. Some of them might be familiar and regular, such as having a cup of coffee and tuning into the morning news, or checking your email. Other events may be more chaotic, like getting called into work on your day off. In a formal or informal way you plan out what you would like to occur that day.

Take note

You select your wardrobe according to your aims. And if you realize it or not, you choose an attitude. For instance, if you like your work, then you tend to get a winning mindset as you walk out the door. But if your job is full of drudgery, your countenance will reveal it. The question to consider here is if you decide on a Victim or a Victor mentality. Either option will be evident to a possible attacker.

Knowledge, preparedness and attitude are all important aspects of your personal protection program. If you remove any one of these, others will become unstable. In today’s busy world most girls do not have enough opportunity to spend several hours per week studying self defense tactics. While they understand the value of being able to defend themselves, and could even consider enrolling in a martial arts course, they have their job, a family to take care of along with other responsibilities. 24 hours just is not enough to fit in all that they would like to get done. This doesn’t imply that girls can not learn self defense.

Good to know

A fantastic way to learn self defense approaches is using a self defense training DVD. Like the favorite workout vidoes that is a superb way to learn from the comfort of your own home and on our own program. Additionally it is important to think about”What if” situations. Think of what you’d do if you’re faced with an attacker. Never presume it could never happen to you. Just because something hasn’t happened does not mean it won’t. Search out security tips and find out from self defense specialists.

Reading a tip as straightforward as “be aware of your environment” may be just the thing that will keep you awake and out of harm’s way. Learn what the best danger zones for girls are and how to prevent them. This is one area where ignorance is definitely not bliss. Be ready to fight back. If you’re not trained in martial arts or self defense tactics, then it’s particularly important to carry some sort of self defense weapon with you at all times. There are lots of types to choose from, including non lethal options like pepper spray and higher voltage stun guns.

Reverting to the section on knowledge, it’s necessary to see how your self defense weapon of choice function and what it does. Make certain that you choose something you can easily get the job done, and practice, practice, practice using it. You don’t need a crisis situation to be the first time you use your weapon. It’s very important that you always keep it handy. A weapon does you no good if it’s left at home or under the seat of your vehicle while you aren’t in it. This might be the most important of the three.


For those who own a victim mindset, then a victim you’ll be. Just like in the animal kingdom, predators can pick out the weakest prey. If you refuse to be a victim, then another two keys – understanding and preparedness will be easy to attain. For your sake, I hope you decide to be a victor and not a victim. Unsure what self defense device is best? Visit the Safety for Women page to see the most popular choices.