How To Increase Your Odds Of Getting Pregnant?

Happy couple with pregnancy news

When you are trying to become pregnant, you generally want to get pregnant now, right? However, there is a good deal more to becoming pregnant than just having sex and hoping to get a positive pregnancy test. If you wish to increase your likelihood of getting pregnant earlier, as opposed to later, try out some of these tips and suggestions to ensure that your body is in tip top shape once the time comes.

What to do?

  • Start taking folic acid straight away. This will help lower your chances of giving birth to a baby with spina bifida or other neural tube defects.
  • Make love often during your “fertile” period – this is, for the majority of women, the five days leading up to ovulation. This guarantees that a there’s always fresh sperm in the fallopian tubes, so gives a higher probability of conception. Also avoid excessive alcohol intake, also look at your existing diet program and adjust if necessary – being obese, even slightly, can greatly affect your chances of falling pregnant, so adjusting your diet, together with regular exercise, will help in this area also.
  • Limit your use of prescription or over the counter medications, and make sure you check if it is safe to keep on using such drugs after you fall pregnant.
  • Keep a monthly calendar – it is important to notice the date once your period begins, the amount of times it lasts for, and the length between your monthly cycles – all important factors when trying to conceive, particularly since it can allow you to pinpoint your due date if you do fall pregnant.


Many couples decide to have a baby and set to work with that notion just in mind. Some will go on to accomplish their conception target in a timely fashion, yet others may try for weeks and months and are disappointed when it will become apparent, yet again, that they haven’t conceived this month. 85 percent of couples successfully conceive in their first year of trying. Hopefully these suggestions and ideas can allow you to conceive your own little bundle of joy in a timely manner.