How To Have A Great Life As A Single Woman?

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On any given day that the divorce rate averages between 50-60percent in america. When you add in the amount of girls who remain in emotionally dead relationships and relationships which are emotionally or physically abusive, it is apparent that only a small fraction of women are happy with their significant other.


I’ve had significant connections, but a lot of my adult life I’ve been a single girl. I’m not opposed to finding a new guy or entering a new relationship in the future, but there are things about being single that I adore and would hate to give up. If you struggle with singleness, these ideas may change your life by building your self-esteem, and raising your financial and emotional security.

Take note

  • Get your work life in order. This does not mean that you will need to have a job you hate to get a large fat paycheck; instead it means the opposite. Find what you like to do and do it to the best of your ability. Find ways to maximize income from doing what you love to do. Look for people you can enjoy and support on their travel and individuals who will love and encourage you on yours.
  • Care for your health. Women are bombarded with incorrect images and statistics about health. Grocery stores, billboards and television sets show scantily clad anorexic girls selling everything from coffee to diapers. 16 year old models are utilised to market anti-wrinkle cream. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I’ve always been a big, athletic, active girl. A few years back, I was deeply worried about my weight. In accordance with medical charts I had been between 40 and 50 LBs obese. At my annual physical, I brought this up to my physician. Her response shocked me. She said, “You’ve got the blood pressure of an athlete, so do not be worried about it”. So my advice-find a game you love and do it 3 to 5 times per week. It might be water aerobics, dance, karate or vigorous walking. Find a food plan that works well for your body. I eat mainly unprocessed organic foods including plenty of fresh vegetables, some fruit, some milk and some protein. I like sweets so I let them, but only in little quantities. By maintaining optimal health, you will have optimal energy, lower medical bills and be more inclined to have a much better outlook on life. I exercise almost daily. When I don’t, I’m prone to low power and low grade depression.
  • Care for your finances. Stay out of debt at any cost. There are a lot of creative ways to live well on very little cash, as long as you do not fall prey to ads or the desire to “keep up with the Jones'”. There many books which offer excellent information on the best way best to escape debt and increase prosperity. If you’re in a position to buy a house and it makes fiscal sense, do this. Don’t wait for Mr. Right. Even if, or when he comes along, he will probably admire your financial savvy. Consider joining a monetary investment group, or taking a course on the stock exchange at the local community college. Pay off your debts and begin saving money.
  • Feed your maternal instincts. If you really want a kid and you have the funds to support yourself and the kid, and you get a big, loving supportive community of family and friends, adopt a child or apply to be a foster parent. If you do not have the money or do not feel as if you can handle being a single parent look for volunteer opportunities that will satisfy your maternal needs. You can be someone’s emotional mother irrespective of your age, location or income. Many children with biological parents want more maternal support from the community.
  • Nourish your need for touch. The desire for sex and or to be touched is natural and normal. Some people today feel good about casual sexual relationships. I’m not among them, and yet I’m a physical energetic woman. The need to be touched is essential to survival. It’s quite beneficial to schedule regular massages, and establish friendships where friendly hugs or kisses are expected and normal. I also love animals and share my home and heart with various pets. There’s nothing as reassuring as a cat sleeping in my lap while I read a fantastic book.
  • Live in the moment as far as possible. Among the biggest challenges a single girl confronts, is that we often project in the future. We believe, “If I’m single now, I’ll always be single”. This may or might not be accurate, but in either case, we miss out on the gifts that this present moment offers. According to Buddha’s second noble truth, all suffering stems from desire and our inability to accept our situation. Once we adopt the present moment, the richness of life and the endless possibilities of joy are evident.
  • Learn a fast comeback for relatives or negative self talk. For instance, think about the benefits of being single. This finally gets the point across and it enables you to keep your good feelings about your liberty.
  • Look for the benefits of being unmarried or the disadvantages of being married. I have a wide circle of friends and don’t need to look far. Several of my woman friends married guys who developed severe health issues. My friends now spend their time and money caring for the spouse. This has crippled their financing and creativity. On my worst day, I wouldn’t trade places with them. Another dear friend of mine is married to a guy, who like herself is very opinionated and outspoken. They’ve horrific verbal spats. Company isn’t a deterrent to this bunch, and I’ve overheard plenty. These dear friends always make up, and seem to have a fantastic marriage, but this isn’t what I’d want. As one girls I have 100% control over where I go, what I do, that I see, when I get home, just how much money I spent and what I’ll do with my time. I am able to put my pajamas on at 5pm or stay out all night.
  • Make and keep a great circle of friends. Some single women I know kind travel teams, investment clubs, or are contained in couples functions. It’s important to give and receive love and keep friendships whether or not you’ve got a substantial relationship or not. Being a better friend and staying connected with people you care about is a significant part of life’s journey.
  • Keep your mind busy. Whether you are in a relationship, it is as important to exercise your mind as it’s your body. Watch nature or science shows, have a course, join a study group, or find some way to stay interested about lifestyle. The world is an unbelievable place; there’s so much to learn, be and do. By keeping your mind busy, you will experience more of the joy of being alive. Additionally, if you are always learning, people will find you interesting, your self-esteem will stay healthy, you will meet new people, possibly raise your health or financing, or circle of support and friendship.


Once you learn to be happy on your singleness, you may or may not decide to share your life with another. If you learn to be economically and emotionally responsible for your own health and wellbeing, you are more likely to enjoy life if you’re single or not. If you opt for a partner, it is going to be from a place of strength instead of need. Once you learn how to care for yourself, it is a lot easier to prevent a partner who would bring you down or cause you emotional, physical or financial injury. In the long term, it won’t matter if you marry, have a buff or reside alone. You’ll be living your life .