How To Get Menopausal Symptom Relief?

Bottle of soy milk and millet on wooden bowl in the kitchen ,selective focus.

Menopause is accompanied by different climacteric symptoms, such as hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, urogenital (vaginal lining) atrophy, irregular menstruation, sleeplessness, low level depression, palpitations, and headaches. Due to the dangers associated with hormone replacement therapy (HRT), girls often turn to alternative therapies to alleviate these symptoms.

Alternative Therapies

Among the alternative therapies are preparations which have sage, red clover and black cohosh and specifically preparations which don’t contain soy, a known allergen as well as the reason behind gas, bloating and gastrointestinal upset for many women. Several products are available as single herbs but symptom relief is improved when using products that contain multiple herbal components.

Peer review of literature to evaluate the efficacy of multi herb products for the treatment of vasomotor, cognitive, and genital climacteric complaints proceeds with great quality outcomes. Herbs are referred to as Phytoestrogens and plant estrogen. But phytoestrogens aren’t estrogen per se. They don’t behave the same way for a woman’s own estrogen or like the estrogens in HRT or BHRT.

Phytoestrogens structurally resemble a woman’s endogenous estrogen. Their chemical structure is such that it enables them to bind weakly to nitric oxide in the body, potentially impairing surplus of endogenous estrogen into the receptor thereby producing estrogen advantages with fewer side effects. Also, when endogenous estrogen is low, phytoestrogens will calm the body’s requirement for estrogen.

The risks

We’re all reminded of the risks of HRT each time we hear of another life-changing moment – a wellness diagnosis of breast cancer which will change a woman’s life forever. She could be your sister, friend, a casual acquaintance or co worker. It makes me realized how vulnerable we are and that we should not take our health for granted. It’s too precious. As a medical community, we’ve learned a whole lot about the dangers of using hormone replacement drugs, short and long term. The risks are many and should not be dismissed by any women no matter her age or family history.


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