How To Fight The Menopausal Blues?

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There are some problems that may stay unnoticed if you are not conscious of them. Especially if they’re about women’s fitness and health, they remain buried beneath the social norms in addition to the curtain of shyness, even in this age of technological advancement and gender equality. Woman is the middle of our life and she copes with numerous issues in a single life.


Right from her attaining puberty to menopause, life treats her with so many unique changes she seems to have a lifetime filled with surprises. However, till she accomplishes menopause, she’s the best friend in her body and that’s the hormone which helps her handle so many issues. It’s the protective agent that prevents cardiac problems, bone disorders, and so on, and also maintains her psychological disposition.

The hormones nevertheless are depleted following her attaining menopause and afterwards stars the actual examination of woman. Well, not all suffer from menopausal blues but to some extent or another, every girl faces some type of difficulty through the peri-menopausal period. The problems might be of hot flushes, sudden chills, heavy head, giddiness, drowsiness, itching of private parts, dislike for sex, irritability or bone pains! The simple reason for the problems is hormone imbalance, as we understand.

Did you know?

Most women seek medical help during this period and the physicians may begin her on hormone replacement therapy if she’s an appropriate candidate for the same. Yes, all women can’t undergo hormone replacement and might be it isn’t necessary in all. Even a calcium supplementation might be sufficient for some women experiencing menopausal osteoporosis.

  • Support her. Understand the greater irritability is hormonal in origin and therefore what she desires isn’t nagging about her problem but an understanding support to take care of it effectively. She’s cared for you all life, today, it’s her time to get equal care from you.
  • The menopausal woman should begin caring for herself, in the sense, she ought to understand her problem of osteoporosis and take care not to collapse and succumb to sudden fractures like Cole’s fracture.
  • Husband should encourage wife about her dislike for sex and try various things that please her and put her mood right.
  • Understand that menopause isn’t a disease and the difficulties often disappear on their own after certain time period.
  • If the girl attempts to divert her thoughts by engaging in certain recreational activity, she can feel far better. Joining an online forum can help her understand her problem better and girls with similar issues may irritate her senses.
  • Many women gain excess weight during this period. This can herald the onset of certain avoidable diseases like diabetes mellitus and hypertension. If the woman doesn’t need to succumb to them, she ought to try a well-planned diet and exercise, along with some high quality regimen such as acai berry weight loss supplements. This will definitely help her reduce weight and remain confident!