How To Be The Damsel In Defense?

The silhouette of a strong, beautiful caped super hero woman stands isolated against a sunset in the sky background.

Ladies, it is time to stop being damsels in distress and become damsels in DEFENSE! Assault on girls is a frequent crime since the assaulter assumes that women will be passive and not fight back; this has to do with the delicate and weak stereotypes put on girls. We have to break this stereotype and show everybody that girls can and will have the ability to look after themselves in an attack situation.


Let’s leave the Disney princess who has to be rescued by the hero stereotype behind and let us become our own heroes! One way for girls to fight against crime is to simply stop it from occurring in the first place by avoiding being alone or being in densely populated areas. It is possible to avert these situations by constantly traveling in groups and of course if you see or feel you are in a shady area be careful as much as possible.

But obviously getting in these situations is sometimes inevitable and the one thing which you could do is fight. You must always be prepared, and there is no better way than keeping pepper spray at all times. Fighting back isn’t only necessary, it is a moral right. You should want to fight back! Don’t get scared get mad! Protecting oneself is paramount for anybody in an attack situation and being ready places the situation in your favor. Surprising your assailant with something such as pepper spray can allow you to fight back in an attack situation.

Keep in mind

Self defense is important since statistics state that all women are good candidates to become victims of violent crime at any stage in their lives. Unfortunately everyone does have an opportunity of coming up against attack in their lives, so having a self defense product such as pepper spray can be convenient. Self defense is more than just okay; if a woman’s safety is at risk, defending herself by fighting back is the most moral decision she can make.

Pepper spray is a very effective tool of self defense as it doesn’t depend only on the infliction of pain to trap an assailant. Pepper spray causes an assailant to be momentarily blinded and his bronchial tubes to acquire restricted, causing plenty of coughing and coughing. This permits an allotted time for you to get off to a safe location and call the police.


Being in an assault scenario can be a frightening one, but you must muster up everything you can to fight back and stand your ground. Self defense is something which we all must learn how to do. It may be frightening for anyone; woman or man, and most of us must prepare ourselves for a possible attack.