How To Be Safe In The Parking Garage?

You’ve decided to go out and partake in a terrific day of shopping treatment. Like so many people, you have parked your car in a garage. On your way back to get your car and go home, you may discover that the parking garage is a bit empty. You worry because you know that you may be attacked, or worse.


Well while dangers in this way are a very real thing that people, particularly women will need to be aware of, there are ways to be certain you protect yourself. The first thing you will need to do, is to take a look at your surroundings. Make certain you use the five minute rule. This means that you take five or more seconds to check around to be certain that you don’t notice anything odd or uncomfortable.

Be on the look out not just for strange people, but anything else like shifting shadows, or lighting. Also, try to breathe calmly. This will accomplish a few things. First, it’s near impossible to think clearly when you’re in a state of panic, so the ideal thing would be to calm down so that you can think clearly and strategically. Second, breathing peacefully will permit you to listen out for anything strange.

Gut feeling

Focus on gut feelings. If you have some inkling that anything is odd or uncomfortable, do not proceed to your vehicle, but return indoors whenever possible. You will need to portray some optimism as you’re walking out to your vehicle. Make certain you hold your head up high, that you’re making eye contact with every thing and everybody around you. Don’t talk on your mobile phone.

You don’t need to get distracted, and you will need to hold you head up high to be on the watch. Also, predators prey upon women in particular who are weak, or fearful. If you walking crisply and confidently, you won’t look like such an easy mark for an assault. Sometimes a predator will attempt to attack you anyway, but you have every right to take steps to safeguard yourself. One way which you may accomplish that, is by carrying around a way to protect yourself. As girls, we might feel that carrying a weapon makes us “bad women”, or is too dangerous for us.

Keep in mind

However, we must be courageous, modern women. The simple fact is that there are those who prey upon women particularly, and they need to do us harm. We’ve got every right to protect ourselves. To this end, you could begin by carrying around a non-lethal weapon, like a lipstick stun gun. A lipstick stun gun is a small, compact sort of weapon which was especially made for girls.

The exterior casing literally looks like a tube of lipstick. But beneath the cap of a lipstick stun gun are probes which will send electrical charges to the predator. These electrical charges will trap them long enough for you to escape, or to run for support. How the lipstick stun gun is covert works to your benefit. You don’t need the predator to find that you clearly have a weapon on you. If they do, they could make plans in their heads about the way to take the weapon away from you. Worse, they will attempt to use the weapon on you! But in case you have something like a lipstick stun gun, then they’ll be thrown off.


This is what you desire. You will need for them to be confused, even if for a few seconds. You are able to use their confusion against them to get away. Additionally, there are stun batons which you could carry around. The stun baton can be taken on a key-chain, or on a belt. These batons accomplish the same job as the lipstick stun gun. They trap the assailant, so you could get away. Unfortunately, there’ll always be individuals who might attempt to create danger for you. But know that you have choices to protect yourself, and you also have the right to do so.