How To Be My Authentic Goddess Self?

    When we become the Goddess, we have to do this by being our true selves. Only if we are prompted by our greatest dreams, dreams, aspirations, needs and desires can we really be divine. You can’t call yourself a Goddess if you’re shutting our the boundless abundance the world is offering you.


    Nor are you inspired if you spend your days trudging off to a job which you detest that wastes your time, attention and abilities. No Goddess finds herself stuck in relationships that are fair and centered on settling for second best. These are conclusions your inauthentic self has made. A Goddess thinks true ideas, speaks her truth and behaves in the truth always.

    You can’t lie to yourself about your life and call yourself a Goddess. You have to break out of mediocrity simultaneously. Comfort zones are for those who dread. Goddesses don’t have any fear. They’ve only courage. Love cancels out fear. Personal ethics, one of the foundations of our divinity, needs that you get prosperity in your life and quit pretending that anything less is satisfactory.

    The truth

    Confront the truth even if it generates stress or conflict. Have the courage to stop that nine-to-five job and go into business for yourself with a gift you know you have. Let your authentic self help you find the words to break up a relationship that’s a lie and is not based on love or truth. We shed our authentic selves once we reside on someone else’s conditions or let fear dictate our bounds. It’s very important that people are brutally honest with ourselves, know exactly who we are, and live from this centre at all times.

    Otherwise we’re miserable phonies living an inauthentic life of collapse. In that position we mould ourselves to be who our spouses, parents, relatives, friends, employers and co-workers desire us to be. We make decisions based on fear, need, and lack instead of love, trust and prosperity. When you live according to the dictates of your heart, life rewards you with your real desires.


    It’s a power drain to hold back from what you really wish you had. You live a life of “should’s” and “have to’s.” There can be no balance, no flow and no creativity. Some of us are so tragic that they don’t even know they’re settling for less. They are constantly trying to fill a void but they do not understand why it is there. They go about trying to fill the deep inner hole with meaningless sex, drugs, alcohol, shopping, food, gaming or another addiction.

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    Sometimes these addicts become lucky (or lucky ), and end up in treatment or a self-help program due to their dependence. The first thing they understand is they need to get real and stay real to conquer their dependence. They’re taught how to get honest with themselves by working the twelve steps of the restoration program. They’re urged to work a religious program and also to have a greater power to turn to. And, oftentimes, miraculously, they become their true selves, admit they are powerless over their addiction, and perform an honest program of recovery that requires them to understand who they are and to act as itself every day.

    Be the Goddess you’re

    Honor yourself and your divinity. Life is supposed to be about fulfilling our dreams, passions and abilities. This is the way we live enriching, rewarding and joyous lives. Some folks feel that to concentrate on these things is too greedy, and they have to keep their attention on their loved ones’ needs so as to be good individuals. This is nonsense. Good individuals are joyous, fulfilled individuals who will share their joy, peace and overflowing love because they have it to give.

    We become better parents, siblings, adult children, friends, spouses and co-workers once we allow ourselves to be ourselves. We will need to face ourselves honestly, acknowledge that we’re living inauthentically, become as fair as we know the way to be, honor our needs completely rather than settle for less again. Your authentic self has been waiting on your heart and soul for this glorious transformational moment. You will discover that it occurs more naturally than you may think.

    We learn to fall in love with ourselves and reflect that love in place of the lack we’ve been casting for so long. All areas of your life will change. You’ll shrug off decaying connections in favor of healthy, vital and genuinely loving ones. You may turn your back on failures and reach for successful living. You may opt to stop that dead-end job you detest, and start your own business utilizing a talent or skill you’d almost forgotten you owned. You will drop some sycophant friends that enjoyed how you conformed to what they believed you should be, and find some real friends who accept you as the one you are.


    Go on a Goddess retreat or weekend and let others love you while you learn how to love yourself. You’ll have the ability to set real goals that match the real you, and take actions daily towards getting them accomplished. One day you may surprise yourself by writing a five-page collection of present dreams on your diary and believing in all of them. You may take up new hobbies, interests, activities, routines and traveling to places you have only dreamed about.

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    Nothing will have the ability to hold you back any longer after you come to being your one true self. There’s strength and creativity in you that may be motivated to get fantasies accomplished and targets met. You may amaze yourself by your skills to take charge and to prevent standing at the sidelines of your life celebrating. You might begin giving workshops, study a language you have always been interested in or begin practicing herbal medicine. Some of your older friends will not recognize you.


    They’ll likely shun you for changing and causing them fear because you abandon their buddy comfort zone. Your loved ones may initially wonder about you, and then when they see how much pleasure you have be happy for you and want to share in your new and exciting lifestyle. You are where you’re supposed to be. You may permanently shut the door on sorrow and bitterness. You won’t be missing out on any part of life. You’ll be learning and growing at a very fast speed. You’ll be making up for lost time.

    Following your bliss may take you on some lovely experiences and a few surprising journeys. You may return to college, start a group of some sort, become an activist for an cause, or learn new abilities and abilities that amaze you. And the only person you’ll ever try to restrain will be yourself. You may not be considering altering others, places and items to fit your requirements.

    Final note

    Changing to a real person will have made you flexible and accommodating. Begin the transformation with internal work. Take inventory of yourself. Journal daily. Visualize a future that’s in alignment with the authentic you. Don’t worry about whether it appears possible. Assume it’s possible. It’s an infinite world and its gifts are prosperity for all. Forget preconceived judgments. Drop your habitual means of seeing the world. Use daily affirmations and think what you’re saying. Very soon you will start to see brand new choices that you never imagined before.

    Then you’ll be in contact with your actual intentions. Follow your hunches. Speak with the world and let it talk back to you. Watch for signals of synchronicity that are just miracles the Goddess doesn’t signal Her title to. Discover what your values are and where your passions lie. Never give up. You may discover your life’s purpose if you keep working on being as honest as possible and practicing that honesty in all of your affairs. If your decision on what to do with your life does not make the most of the daily fuel of fire, then you have made the incorrect decision. Go back and try again. You’re supposed to love what you do daily even if it’s called work. You’ll quickly find your role on earth. You may know it and be at peace. The Goddess is the instigator of change and the enforcer of fact. Feed her fire and be one with her authenticity.

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