How To Avoid The Flu?

    Although there are individuals at risk of contracting the virus that have compromised immune systems, I feel (and this is my personal opinion and not intended to deter anyone from getting the flu shot if they’re in danger or feel they ought to have one) people will need to work in building a stronger immune system by focusing on diet, exercise, lifestyle changes and sleep.

    Be aware

    Health officials are also worried this flu strain will unite with other influenza strains, which will continually mutate which makes it more and more challenging to combat. In my view, by maintaining a healthy immune system we’ll be less susceptible to this virus and help protect ourselves from infectious diseases. If this will keep mutating then it makes sense to develop a resistance naturally rather than rely on vaccinations and other medications when a “pandemic” occurs.

    I have not had a flu shot for several years now and I haven’t had the flu. Sometimes I feel a bit under the weather or capture the strange cold, but I understand that is my body fighting off any attacking viruses. While washing our hands regularly and keeping surfaces clean helps prevent the spread of this virus into our mouth, nose, eyes and other individuals, we must also look toward whole body wellness to lessen the possibility of becoming ill. Washing our hands and keeping things clean should be the standard all the time, not just if there’s a flu bug going around.

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    Take note

    Proper hygiene is also crucial to good health. We can reinforce our immune system with a diet rich in bright green and orange fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins like chicken, eggs and fish, whole grains, seeds and nuts, and a lot of fresh water. We also must be sure we’re getting sufficient fiber in our diet (25-30 g daily), and have an ample supply of”friendly bacteria” in our digestive tract. Yogurt and kefir can help rejuvenate intestinal bacteria but so as to stop the loss of the good bacteria we will need to take a probiotic nutritional supplement.

    Reducing acidic foods (sugar) and increasing alkaline foods (BarleyLife®-RRB- will help prevent many diseases as disease and other health conditions can’t survive in an alkaline environment. Vitamin D may also help build a stronger immune system and what better way to get both vitamin D and exercise compared to enjoy activities outdoors on a nice sunny day. Although our days are shorter and cooler at this time of year, spending some time outdoors helps not only our body but our thoughts also.

    Adequate sleep is also essential in preventing illness as our body does its very best healing when it’s well rested. And last but definitely not least, is a healthful lifestyle. Smoking, excessive alcohol ingestion, pharmaceutical medications and stress are detrimental to good health and well-being and will play havoc on the immune system. These ought to be avoided as far as possible.

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    Additionally it is very important to realize there are a good deal of natural remedies being marketed as “cures” for the H1N1 flu. As far as I am concerned, a product can’t”cure” anything. It’s the body that has the capacity to prevent and heal and that is the reason it’s necessary to give it all the crucial ingredients such as proper nutrition, exercise, adequate amounts of rest and a wholesome lifestyle.


    AIM provides a number of superior whole food concentrates and nutritional supplements to support a healthful way of life, fortify the immune system, and nourish our cells. Especially during this”pandemic” with the H1N1 flu circulating world-wide our body requires more than just great food. AIM’s key nutritional supplements may promote whole body health and fortify the immune system. Why not prevent the flu, by building a more powerful you!



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