How Much Skin Should You Show After Age 50?

Middle-aged woman walking by the ocean

They send out daily trend alarms and I read them to see just how far behind the times I am when it comes to style and glamour. As a result of the website I realize that sneakers I have been saving for 60 years are back in fashion.

Let’s start

Not just that, but those 60-year old shoes which probably cost a hefty $30 are now going for $300 or more. Wow! Am I ever glad I’m a pack rat. The shoes no longer fit does not matter. I have them in my possession. Know what I mean? But on to the topic at hand. My instant reaction was, Girlfriends, you do not need someone to tell you how much skin to reveal — use your common sense!

It seems that there are two camps out there in the world when it comes to the question of skin exposure. The first says,”My body with all its wrinkles, fat and flab is owned by the world. I’m gonna show off it and if you do not like it, do not look.” This camp is supported by a TV series that encourages out of shape women to love how they look. I assert that those girls are better served if they had been helped to get back into shape, but then, that is just me being crabby.

Take into account

Then there’s another camp which says, “My body belongs to me. My fat, flab and wrinkles are mine and I’ll expose as little skin as possible because I know I look better and more alluring covered up than I do discovered.” Yikes! But back to the Glam Gals question. I thought for sure I’d be immediately castigated by somebody claiming the right to reveal as much skin as possible, no matter age.

But I was wrong. Even if you’ve got the best bod in the town, it’s never appropriate at any age to dress provocatively. According to Prof. Peter Glick, PhD., in a working environment, provocative dress gets you labeled a bimbo and will ruin your chance for advertising, etc.. In her landmark book,”The Female Brain,” Louann Brizendine, MD, says that in festive after-hour business events, you can not dress provocatively.


So, as to how much skin to reveal. It is dependent upon where that skin is. At the torso, tummy or thigh region, be conservative. For those who have good legs, like Betty Ford, then you may wear your skirts above the knee by an inch – possibly two – even if you’re 85!