How Many Women Are Raped In Their Lifetime?

    In the USA alone, someone gets raped or sexually assaulted every 3 minutes and 6 out of 10 girls are raped within their lifetime. Unfortunately, society has ever blamed not the rapist but the victims themselves for being raped. It’s very easy to blame the crime on the victim but the simple fact remains that the victim didn’t request it and is only a victim of such unfortunate circumstance.

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    In actuality, any woman, irrespective of their lifestyles, is in danger of becoming victim to this crime. The thing here is that any woman can develop into a rape victim and it might even be you. Thus it’s crucial that you learn how to prevent being a rape victim. Below are a few tips on ways to protect yourself from not being singled out and attacked by rapists.

    While you’re out or having fun in a bar or bar with friends and family, ensure that you don’t leave your beverages unattended differently this will offer the rapist with the chance to drug you. Moreover, it’s also extremely important that you arrive in addition to leave in a group as this will discourage the attacker from making improvements on you. If you must go home alone, be certain you walk ahead and avoid doing unnecessary things like calling somebody on your telephone or searching your handbag because you may catch off guard by your attacker.

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    Additionally it is extremely important that you know your surroundings. In U.S. statistics, there’s a growing trend of women who have been raped in a desolate parking lot so once you go to your car, don’t be afraid to request assistance from the security staff in the construction if you fear for your own safety. On the other hand, it’s also extremely important to comprehend how rapists think.

    Typically, rapists want the offense to be committed immediately and quickly hence if you develop a fight and create a good deal of noise for other people’s attention, it’ll somehow discourage the rapist from attacking you. It can also be helpful if you get yourself completely equipped with personal security devices like pepper spray. These devices will let you purchase a few seconds so you can flee from the attacker, which will have made a significant impact from becoming a rape victim to preventing the offense at all price tag.

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