How Do You Define Courage?

Woman jumping over abyss in fornt of sunset.

Few women regard facing an ordinary workday as a brave feat. Why? Traditionally, only facing fear under perilous circumstances is tagged courageous. Running into a burning building to save a pet, pushing a pedestrian from the way of a speeding car, or handling a robber in flight are easily accepted instances of brave action. So, at work, do you demonstrate feminine courage? Courage actually has a far deeper meaning and a more important role in the modern business world, particularly for women.

Take note

  • A woman was passed over for a promotion and is upset. How can she find the courage to speak up and express her qualifications?
  • A woman has made a mistake in a corporate proposal for a client. How can she find the courage to be exposed and acknowledge her error?
  • A woman learns she has an illness which may jeopardize her career. How can she face her fear and summon the courage to confirm her determination?

While none of the above examples are perilous, life threatening events in the normal sense, they’re all common occurrences that challenge girls and test their courage daily. When girls exhibit courage in the office, whether it’s talking up to express an unpopular perspective or taking a professional risk to undertake a job nobody else wants, they tap into a valuable personal book. Courageous women”step up” to another level. To put it differently,”She hesitates before every step spends her entire life on one leg.”

Good to know

Because of this, they procedure choices more quickly and do it more easily. They design their own lives applying courage actions skills as opposed to letting outside influences dictate that they are or what they ought to be. It’s important to not forget that to fully comprehend the significance of a woman’s courage at work, we must first return to the term’s origin. The word”courage” comes from the French word “corage,” meaning heart and soul. What’s your definition of courage?

Throughout history, women like Gold Meir, Katherine Graham and Helen Keller have always acted out of their hearts, but man notions of courage as epic have diminished recognition of female courage. This has to stop because these office losses collect, obscuring an equal playing field for girls and causing them to doubt their own guts. Without this very important virtue, an integral part of a woman’s soul is lost. Unfortunately, when working girls do demonstrate the behaviours of courage, they are commonly labeled with a few unflattering word to keep them”in their place.” How often has this happened to you?


For instance, on a performance evaluation, they may receive comments such as”too powerful,”too decided,” “too pressured,” or even “too aggressive.” To put it differently,”too big for their britches.” The irony is that for men, these descriptions are often desired, but for girls, such adjectives are seen as negative. However, these stereotypical limitations can actually benefit women by inspiring them to maximize their courage quotient by recognizing and honoring their respective brave behaviours. When a woman learns to uphold her brave nature at work, she is able to acquire the equality that’s been eluding her.