Healthy Immunity?

Last October, both the Canadian and American health authorities issued powerful advisories warming consumers to not offer over-the-counter cough and cold medications to children without first consulting with a physician. The end result was a recall of the majority of children’s cough and cold products on the market.

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The warning advised the consumers that kids under the age of 2 shouldn’t use decongestants and those below the age of six shouldn’t be given antihistamine drugs. Both are often used as a treatment for colds in children. One concern regarding these products is that many contain pharmaceutical ingredients which should combined by taking more than 1 product at precisely the identical time, they could result in an overdose in children. But what can you do to help your child fight a cold? As many know, the common cold is a viral disease.

About 80 percent of the instance of the common cold in the autumn and winter are caused by the rhinovirus. This nasty virus may live on a door knob for three hours or more. Viruses enter your body from direct exposure (touching an infected individual coughs or sneezes near you). Once in your throat, a virus will attempt to infect one of your cells. You have a natural mucous coating in your airways that behaves like sticky tape to snare these viruses. However, in the winter, furnaces dry out the air and this protective mucous coating may get dehydrated and crack. Once attached to your body, viruses utilize your cells to replicate.

Did you know?

An infected cell in your body finally expires, and virus germs locate new cells to infect and multiply. The white blood cells of your immune system are the one thing that could prevent a virus from infecting and replicating in your body. Nutrients found in fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds may fuel your white blood cells and help them find and destroy viruses which are making you ill. Antibiotics only kill bacteria and are no use against the common cold. Heading to the physician can’t help you cure a common cold.

Considering the significance of the mucous membranes (inner skin) from the immune system integrity, it only makes sense to guarantee that we reinforce them frequently during the winter months to be able to protect us from foreign pathogens. What keeps these mucous membranes healthy and lively are the bacteria- great flora-that inhabits them. Limiting your child’s sugar, junk food and dairy intake is 1 way toward healthy mucous membranes.


Through hand washing your hands is helpful to ward off colds, it’s practically impossible to reduce exposure to viruses every minute of every day. When virus enters your body, be armed and ready with a healthy immune system. Herbs like atralagus and echinacea are generally used by adults to help boost their immunity and prevent colds, using varying dosages that are based on the potency of the solution and its structure (capsule or tincture). Studies haven’t been done to ascertain if astralagus can be safely used in children.

There’s some evidence that an echinacea juice extract is safe for children aged two to 11 when used for up to ten days. Eating a nutritious diet that’s full of nutrients to boost immunity is a superb way to safely stop the common cold in children. Multivitamins designed with doses secure for children may also help boost the immune system. Probiotics have been used in children in several research studies without security concerns and might provide some immune boosting benefits also.

Cold treatment

One class of safe-for-children cold treatments are homeopathics, prescribed based on the child’s constitution and manifesting symptoms. Homeopathy has shown success in treating respiratory disease as effective as aspirin in relieving cold symptoms. No matter how well you prepare, it is still possible to wind up ill with acold. The body will produce mucous in reaction to the disease. It tries to slow down the ability of viruses to attack your cells, and because of this, also causes you to have sniffles, a stuffy nose, congestion and cough. These indicators are natural reactions that are good for you and your child, despite the fact that they’re annoying.

The security warning issued last October was about over-the-counter products aimed to deal with these symptoms. Suppressing symptoms is contemporary’s medicines method of treating illness-not required how illnesses should be treated. Quite often, when controlling symptoms, the disease process goes more internally, only to manifest in a deeper level in the future. Which makes Naturopathy the sole alternative luckily, naturopathy provides many working solutions.


Along naturopathy, using a loofah, ensuring that your kids eat foods packed with nutrients and keep well hydrated by drinking water can help fight off a cold. Additionally, chicken soup is more than just your mother’s remedy. Scientist have found that chicken soup functions as a decongestant to offer minor relief from a stuffed-up nose and positively affects the immune system. With the growing concern over the possible danger of using over-the-counter cold medicines for children, it may be time to return to these time-tested organic remedies.