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    Prise de poids à la périménopause ?

    Don’t you find it frustrating when you can hardly get in that fabulous, favourite dress of yours ? When all the sudden all these layers of fat only appeared from out of nowhere and settled around your waist, buttocks and thighs. You gained an additional 10-20 pounds on the scale and no amount of exercise and diet appear to work.

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    If you’re approaching your 40’s you are most probably on your perimenopausal stage and what you’re experiencing is just one of its symptoms, the perimenopause weight gain. Some girls fight it to the point of being burnt out. Others take it with silent complacency as another”ugly fact” of existence, feeling defeated by perimenopause. This shouldn’t be you. It is possible to rise above perimenopause weight gain with dash. The important thing is getting down to its root-causes and finding remedies that work.

    Knowing the Causes

    What Makes Perimenopausal Weight Gain Tick? When you approach your 40’s, a great deal of changes are happening. These changes greatly affect your body total system, tipping it off its balance. Toxins, hormonal imbalance, psychological stress and your diet are fundamental contributors to those modifications and they add layer after layer of stubborn fats in the body. Your body’s response to stress and hormonal alterations is hoarding fats. At the moment, your female hormone is hitting rock bottom.

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    Your body is attempting to produce it from someplace else specifically body fats, skin, etc.. Processed foods are all around us – breads, pasta, snacks, wine, beverages, fast food – which makes it part of our everyday lives. Your low carb, high-carb diet will not help. Because you lack fats in your diet, your body turns whatever food you take in to fats and hoard it rather than turning it into essential nutrients to the cells. Because of the conversion of your high-carb diet to fats, your body finds it tough to keep the perfect blood glucose and other metabolic levels that affect your sleep, appetite, metabolism and mood. It’s like a domino effect that’s quite tough to contain.

    What happens, then?

    You crave for food and get your fill yet your cells aren’t getting its proper nutrients. Discuss unhealthy! That’s quite a bummer. An unhealthy body, needless to say, will only make things worse and will provide you a hard time during perimenopause. When you don’t feel great from inside, no doubt it will manifest in your physical appearance. You may feel bogged down, and stressed. Needless to say, at this moment, it’s important to remember that fad diets are out of the question. It simply will not work, so don’t waste your time. It is only going to increase your frustration and stress, thus repeating the vicious cycle.

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