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    Comment reconnaître les symptômes courants des migraines oculaires ?

    An eye migraine is not a headache like a migraine. However, it is likely to be less severe than a migraine headache. The problem causes a temporary loss of vision that lasts between 5 and half an hour. A migraine is a condition in which a migraine sufferer experiences headaches. Typically, less than half of those suffering from these migraines experience head pain. About 25% of migraine sufferers experience pains immediately after or just before the migraine.


    In all cases, the non-permanent loss of vision occurs in one eye. You can quickly recognize signs that you have an eye migraine. You may experience flashes of light or blind spots. The blind area can cause your eyesight to become blurred or even create a dark spot in your field of vision. The blind spot will grow until it disappears. You may also notice bright lights that glimmer or look like zigzag lines.

    The patterns may appear as a circle, partial sphere or yellow color within the blind area. Eye migraines are not common and can sometimes be accompanied by other indicators such as difficulty hearing, smelling, or speaking. Some people experience a dull or tingling sensation in their legs or arms. This feeling can get worse over time. You might also feel tired. These types of migraines, despite the fact that they can be severe, are usually not dangerous and are often self-medicating.

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    Visual Migraines

    These visual migraines are not known to be caused by any specific cause. They are believed to be hereditary but there is no proof. They can occur in males and women of all ages, including children, but are more likely to develop in women in their thirties or forties. They are more common in women than in adult males. A migraine can also be caused by a variety of foodstuffs, food ingredients, and fabricated sugary substances.

    Other causes include smoking, strong smelling colognes and other pervasive smells, difficulty sleeping, and the inability to see clearly. Signs and symptoms can be similar to stroke and eye disease. It is important to consult a doctor if you have any concerns.


    If you are older than 50 and have not had migraines in the past but have a history of cardiovascular disease, you could be at risk of developing a more serious illness. A migraine is usually resolved on its own. However, you may need medical attention if you experience migraines that last a long time.

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