Quelles sont les méscapades de la ménopause ?

in bed at home

Do you have trouble finding your keys, phone, handbag, wallet, your favorite shoes, the dog leash, that invoice or a significant item that you just saw moments ago? Are you constantly searching for things, misplacing items, cluttering your house or office seeking something you’re anxious to consider? Have you ever gone into a room and forgot why you’re there, just to pause for minutes in amazement that you can not remember why you’re there, even after really considering it?

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Are you having difficulty grasping for names of people you have known for a long time or your entire life? Is it hard to find the right names for objects that you use all of the time? Is this Dementia? Alzheimer’s challenges? Is it just getting older or is it The M Word, Menopause? Well if you’re also experiencing night sweats, decreased libido, forgetfulness, clumsiness, getting your period slow down, an intense urge to snap, crackle and pop then probably it’s that the “Mescapades” of Menopause.

My first experience with The Big” M” feeling was in a grocery store. I turned 47 and I had been going through check out once the cashier refused a voucher and I blew a gasket. You’d have thought someone had stolen my wallet. I was beside myself, shrieking about how long it took me to get the damn voucher, stamping my foot and making a ridiculous fool out of myself.

Body Changes

After the most classic melt down of all, which lasted about a whole minute, and brought on an audience out of each aisle, I had an out of body experience, and thought who’s that in my own body? I came home safely, considering the notion that my neurotic great Aunt, Ida, who had lately passed, had taken me over. I hurriedly hopped on the trusty internet, placing in symptoms of my event, only to discover that I was the ripe age for pre-menopausal symptoms.

Pre-menopausal symptoms? Yes, you can begin to have Pre-Menopausal symptoms as early as mid 40’s, or even earlier, because we’re on another genetic track. I was 47 and rearing to go or should I say getting rear-ended by menopausal symptoms. My life included a serious of those “Mescapades”, some more humiliating than others.

Break through bleeding had to be the greatest faux pas. I’d be in the public or private of places when I’d feel all hell breaking loose, and of course constantly when I was sporting a new pair of white shorts or pants.

The Horror

No quantity of pads or tampons could halt the Tsunami of Horror. This was a completely new twist on bleeding such as logs and lumps of disagreeable, dark and eccentric, charging from me like it had a mission to destroy any peace and consciousness I could have during what should be the prime of my life. I bled for nearly two weeks and found out you can not die from that however could become anemic. The physician’s solution a large”parvo” such as shot.

My solution after some study, Liquid Iron, and huge doses of magnesium and calcium and that worked. Next was the largest shock-a-roo of my life. My libido dipped into an unknown land. I was constantly, oh and how I hate to admit this, curious, or if I say fixated on Sex. I know, I know, you’re shocked too that I’m saying such things, but it is true. Me, no obligation? I was flabbergasted! Where did it go? I was looking around for this, like a horn-dog who dropped their corndog.

What is happeneing?

Oh my gosh, what is going on here? Slowly but surely I realized that all of my girlfriends, who had been going through exactly the exact same thing, were on something, creams, replacements or potions, or someone besides their husbands or boyfriends, wondering if anything could keep them fruitfully lively.

I thought about nutritional supplements, lotions, extracts and old fantasies that used to perform the trick, and I experimented with some, but I just never did get the old me back. I wouldn’t have affairs, but for the first time in my marriage I admit I just thought about it because I was grasping for answers, but just could not go that route, not just because it’s wrong in my book, but who with? No man seemed to be that desired any more. Even the celebrities that I adored, always making my heart skip a beat, did not appear to do the trick. Hugh Ugh, it was real, I was doomed.


After a couple of weeks of the new me, I settled down and really starting feeling somewhat relieved that the search of the wild wasn’t poking it is mad bull ride out at me and I began to relax into this new feeling and concentrated on new interests. Luckily he was in precisely the exact same age group, and appeared to be going through some type of woman-a-pause. We were in this together.