Comment traiter les bouffées de chaleur de façon naturelle ?

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If you’re like most girl entering perimenopause you have probably experienced the annoying and embarrassing hot flashes. Treatment and relief from these and a number of other perimenopause symptoms are readily achieved with safe, proven, and 100% organic procedures.


You might already know that your symptoms are for the most part a consequence of a hormone imbalance that’s occurring as you enter menopause. This is totally normal since it happens to every woman. So therefore by focusing on ways you can treat your hormone imbalance is vital. Most of the time girls turn to Hormone Replacement Therapy, HRT. Involving the injection of artificial hormones in their body, this isn’t a natural system of treatment. It does work to get rid of the symptoms, maybe it’s popularity, but can it be 100% safe? Studies have shown that HRT patients are at a greater risk of later developing some quite severe ailments.

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Breast cancer, ovarian cancer and heart disease are the most frequently called a result of HRT. Some studies reveal as much as a 20 percent increase in the risk of breast cancer in 1 kind of HRT and an astounding 83% increase in a different sort of HRT. With these numbers who would rather not offer natural approaches a try. It’s cheaper and has none of the risks connected.

Oh, and incidentally, they are demonstrated to be equally as effective. Over the years many home remedies are used in the treatment of menopause and studies now show that these remedies have an effect on hormone fluctuations.

    • Soy Products – Studies show that diets high in soy, (soy milk, tofu etc.) will have dramatic effect on hot flashes. One study showed that it led to a 50% reduction in the intensity of the hot flashes.
    • Regular Exercise – Not only useful to your general health and wellbeing, regular exercise has been demonstrated to control hot flashes because of the cardiovascular enhancements that regular exercise provides.
    • These extracts are combined to one supplement that’s taken twice every day. There’ll not be any side effects, no increased risk of breast cancer as in HRT. You will eliminate not just hot flashes but some of the other perimenopause symptoms you might be experiencing.