L'inversion tubaire peut-elle soulager le syndrome post-ligature tubaire ?

The female reproductive system (or female genital system) is made up of the internal and external sex organs that function in human reproduction.

For people who believe there’s not any such thing as Pos Tubal Ligation Syndrome there are just as many that say there is. Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome is a syndrome that’s considered, (not yet clinically proven) to be due to having a tubal ligation or ones tubes tied. What happens to people that suffer with PTLS is something that one would not want on their enemies usually. Below is a list of what girls have reported.

Prenez note

This list is a partial list so I’m sure there might be more added to it. Skin changes and rashes that are unexplained. Heavy bleeding and nausea. Although as stated above these are simply a few of the symptoms reported by women who suffer from PTLS. Is there a cure? What happens when a woman discusses that she thinks that she knows what’s causing this.

Too many individuals have made a visit to their doctor and said they thought that it was the tubal ligation causing all these symptoms. What they’re told almost knocked some of these over. Some of the answers received are: it’s your age. You’re only imagining this. You will need to go on the birth control pill to help straighten out your own cycles. Many of these poor women return in their doctors confused and hurt.

Why doesn’t the medical field believe this really happens to girls? And, what do girls must do to be heard? Luckily there’s research being performed. Women are discovering for themselves something like really works. It’s known as tubal reversal surgery. At the major centre for tubal ligation reversal girls are seeking help and getting it. The girls who have had the method to relieve the symptoms of PTLS can’t believe how quickly the symptoms are subsiding. In the data accumulated so far 90% of the girls have reported a significant change for the better and would have the operation over again. If you are a woman who suffers from Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome you aren’t alone.


There are many women that are attempting to get other people to listen that this is real and true. Many have fallen farther into depression as they were made to think that this is something which is in their minds. They felt as if nobody would care or understand. Surround yourself with those who care. If you have friends or family that don’t know then you will find message boards and these girls type right from the heart.