Miten voin hoitaa päänsärkyä?

    Some headache sufferers swear to a quick walk in the cold for relief. Others believe this could be a trigger that will bring on a humdinger so large it would dwarf an elephant. Some people jump into a hot tub at the first sign they feel a headache. Others may find this the best way to bring on a headache relief. Hot and cold treatments can both be very effective in relieving headaches. Some prefer cold, while others prefer hot. This is a very individual thing.


    You need to be patient and try different things until you find the right one. Why does hot and cold work so well It all comes down to the muscles and blood vessels. An enlarged blood vessel pressing on the nerves can cause headache pains. Applying cold to the affected area can reduce the size of the blood vessels and reduce the pain. Tension and anxiety can cause headaches.

    Tension and anxiety can cause headaches by tightening the muscles, which can pinch nerves and increase blood vessels. You can either apply cold or heat to the affected areas (or alternate between the two), to loosen them. This will release pinched nerves and calm down the blood vessels. A great way to relieve a headache is to soak your feet and ankles in hot water. The heat dilates or enlarges blood vessels in your feet and legs, which helps draw blood away from the head.

    Pressure Relief

    This relieves pressure and calms the head. This may be even more effective if cold is applied to your forehead and temples simultaneously. This is because the heat from your foot-bath will not heat up your head, which is what we want to avoid. To keep your feet warm and the blood flow away from your head, you can put on thick, fluffy socks after you’re done. If you don’t have a cold pack or are trying different versions before you buy one, be careful about how cold you apply.

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    A bag of frozen peas works well as it has a soothing texture and molds to your head, neck, or face. To avoid freezing your skin, wrap it in a towel or cloth. If you are making your own pack of ice cubes, place them in a sturdy plastic bag and wrap with a towel. The cold pack should not be left on for more that half an hour in either case. After a brief rest, you can apply the cold pack again. Ice cream can cool your brain! Ice cream can give you a piercing headache. It’s sometimes called ‘brain freeze’. It’s not comfortable, but it lasts for a very short time. It is a great way of cooling your brain down.


    It can stop a headache from getting worse and can help prevent a migraine from developing further by cooling your hypothalamus. This area is believed to be involved in migraine creation. Have you got your ice cream ready to go? Place a spoonful of ice-cream in the back of your tongue. You can keep it there until it melts. If it becomes uncomfortably hard to swallow, you can try again.

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    What is the best cold or hot pack? There are many options to choose from if you have decided to get a cold or hot pack. There are many options, from simple stick-on cold head patches to more complex rectangular packs to fully fitted masks. You should take some time to determine which one is best for you. I’m too busy to stop for a pack. What can I do to help? This is a common problem among full-time workers as well as moms with small children. This is a limitation exercise.


    No matter how busy you may be, if you have a headache or migraine, you will be out. Cold packs can be wrapped around your forehead and temples to provide relief. Use a moist heat neck wrap. It can help relieve tension. You can try a cold wrap that is placed under your chin and tied over your head. My entire head is hot and throbbing. A cooling ice pillow is a great investment. These pillows are great for women who are pregnant or on tamoxifen and suffer from night sweats and hot flashes.



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