¿Por qué los zumos de verduras son lo mejor para la salud?

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It’s no secret that veggies are good for you, so it makes sense that vegetable juicing is among the best things you can do to good health. Vegetable juicing supplies your body with an extremely concentrated source of nutrients and enzymes, especially when organic vegetables are used.

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Additionally, it helps to detoxify your body and enhance the immune system with high levels of minerals and vitamins that are simple to absorb. To be able to get the maximum benefit from eating veggies, it’s ideal to eat them raw. Needless to say, it can be tricky to eat large amounts of raw vegetables, but drinking several glasses of vegetable juice every day is comparatively straightforward.

Veggies are usually lower in sugar and high in nutrients and enzymes compared to fruits, so vegetable juicing is a particularly great way to nourish your body especially when you’re sick. Among the most significant outcomes of giving your cells a healthy dose of vegetable juice is that it will help to keep the pH balance of the body.

PH level

An optimum pH level is vital for maintaining good health. The pH scale ranges from 1 to 14 with a step of 1 being extremely acidic and a step of 14 being extremely alkaline. The main reason pH (or potential hydrogen) is significant is that too often our cells become too acidic. The more acidic the cells are, the less able they are to transport oxygen through the body. In this respect, acid is poisonous to the body’s cells.

The ideal pH level is slightly alkaline, between 7 and 7.5. Unfortunately, the environment will contribute too much acidity, which makes it hard to maintain a healthy pH balance with no concerted effort to add more alkaline foods such as vegetable juices from the diet. As stated, vegetable juicing also provides a concentrated source of enzymes to help digestion. Proper digestion is at least as important as nutrient concentration, because undigested nutrients can’t be utilized by the body. Because the normal diet includes foods that are hard for the body to digest, lots of people do not have sufficient digestive enzymes to break down foods and use nutrients.


But the great thing is that with a couple of vegetable juice beverages a day, digestive enzymes can easily be replenished. There’s another very important benefit of juicing and, which will help you get the most from everything you consume thus having a positive impact on your general health. To learn more and find out which are the best vegetables you can use to get maximum benefits visit: vegetable juicing.