¿Cómo detener las inundaciones menstruales?

Blackberry leaf. Rubus idaeus leaves top view. Close up. Selective focus.

Three years ago I was shopping with my husband in a small town several hours drive from home. I unexpectedly had to rush back to the car when I realized I was experiencing a menstrual flooding. This had never occurred before. I was shocked and became fearful that the bleeding would not stop! I thought there must be a natural method that might help me.

¿Qué hacer?

After cleaning up in a nearby bathroom, pale and feeble, but not ready to give up, I asked my husband drive me into the city’s natural health shop. No’, the girl who worked there assured me with an amused smile, “there is nothing that stops menstrual bleeding or slows it down.” The bleeding finally did stop by itself, but that remark by a well-meaning, but dumb worker, left me annoyed and motivated to look for herbs I knew must exist that may do what she said was impossible.

Red raspberry leaf, ladies mantle, shepherd’s purse, and yarrow all slow or decrease menstrual bleeding. With just a little experimentation and digging, I discovered many different solutions to stop the problem. Use one or a combination of herbs to create an extract, which is also referred to as a herbal tea, or purchase a herbal tincture in the natural food store.

Toma nota

I decided to drink an infusion made from a mix of 1-2 teaspoon each: dried red raspberry leaves and women mantle leaves, I covered the pot and simmer the herbs for 10 minutes from just-boiled water. This treatment works best if you have one cup per day for about week before menstruation and 1-2 cups throughout your period. If you want it sweeter, add several pieces of ginger root or a couple of lemonbalm leaves to steep with the red raspberry and women mantle leaves, or 1/4 tsp honey after the tea is prepared.

An effective aromatherapy treatment is to rub your belly many times per day with 1 teaspoon olive oil or sweet almond oil blended with 2-3 drops rosemary or vitex essential oil. I also came across an odd suggestion for reducing profuse menstruation in a classic herbal by Dian Dincin Buchman in my private library.


Grate and sterile carrots and eat 1 piece at a time many times a day, as a powerful aid to regulate menstruation. Grate about a pound in the heaviest portion of the carrot. Yarrow is a medicinal herb which would be tricky to be without; it’s of excellent significance for many disorders but first and foremost, it’s a herb for women.