¿Cómo vencer la gripe en casa?

drinking orange juice

It’s that time of year when your body feels average and your tissues are constantly empty! It was a tough year for me. I spent three days in bed and made one unsuccessful attempt to return to work. My entire family got the flu this year. Our house was sick for three weeks in August. We were able to overcome it with the help of 9 tissue boxes, 6 litres Orange Juice.

Healthy Tips

Here are some tips to help you get through the flu as quickly as possible and minimize your suffering. What is the flu? And how can you fight it as soon as it strikes your home? It can be difficult to distinguish between the flu and catching the common cold in the initial stages.

The flu symptoms can become more severe and can lead to pneumonia and dehydration. The flu is a respiratory illness caused primarily by the influenza virus. Flu can be classified as influenza A or B. Anyone can get the flu. Each year, we see new strains of the flu virus. How does it spread?

Viral Infection

According to BC Health Files Influenza spreads easily through breathing, coughing, and sneezing. A person can spread the virus by touching tiny drops of cough or sneezes that have been left on someone else or on an object. After touching their nose or mouth, they can then touch their own hands or mouth to spread the virus. The virus can be spread by adults from one day before symptoms begin to five days after they start.

Children can spread it up to 21 days after symptoms have started. How long does the virus last? It usually lasts between 4-5 days, but some people may experience symptoms that are longer.


Get plenty of fluids, including juice, water, and sports drinks. Allow you to get some rest. Sleep as much as you can. You can eat as much or as little as you like, but it is important to drink lots of water and stay hydrated.

Avoid tobacco and alcohol use. You should reduce your alcohol intake and quit smoking altogether, regardless of the flu. Don’t try to be a hero, like I was, and stay home from work.