Do You Need Some Road Safety Tips For Women Motorists?

Young female biker holding a motorcycle helmet. Outdoor lifestyle portrait

Women are running companies and are the heroines of countries. They’re the super-women of their kids and husbands, and they’re thought to be the safest drivers on the streets by insurance companies. But the simple fact is, women continue to be the most vulnerable group to offenders, and because of that, they need to be vigilant on the streets to be able to avoid falling victim to crimes like hijacking, intimidation, sexual assault or worse.

Let’s start

As the girls month draws closer to the end, instead of merely giving our heroines a standing ovation in celebration of the hard work and courage, we have decided to go a step farther and empower all women drivers with precautions to improve their safety on the streets. In actuality, these preventative measures can help all drivers! Service your car regularly. As cliched as that sounds, you always need to keep your vehicle in a excellent mechanical condition.

A well maintained vehicle is less likely to break down. But, should it break down, pull over, turn your hazard lights , and call for emergency help. If you are driving a rental car, call your car hire provider for a replacement. While waiting for road assistance, it’s likely that someone, a stranger, may offer to help. Now, this the ideal time to remember the youth principles your mother imparted on you. Do you remember when she told you to not speak with strangers? Exercise that!

What to do?

Stay in your automobile with your windows closed and the doors locked. For the sake of being polite, if you need to, marginally roll down your window with a few centimetres and inform them that help is on the way. If they attempt to break into your car, sound your horn to attract attention. Otherwise, they could offer to give you a ride, or offer to direct you to a closest location where you are able to find the service. Decline that provide – no matter how friendly they seem.

Perform a safety check before leaving for your destination. Check your tyres, lights, water, gas and oil. Ensure you never run out of fuel. If you become aware of faults, immediately have them fixed rather than waiting and hoping they’ll go away. If you are going to be travelling an unknown route, do not drive in the dark, instead travel on well-lit streets. It’s extremely easy to get lost and become a target to criminals. So, drive with a good GPS and have your mobile phone well charged.

Keep in mind

When driving a long distance, frequently make stops at fuel garages to check tyre conditions and pressure. Also check water, gas and oil. OK! Let’s say your car did not break down. Let’s also agree that you are driving at night. Why at night? You ask! Well, most criminal actions happen at night when the streets are dark and there are fewer drivers on the roads. Unfortunately, nobody can forecast the misfortune of being a victim of crime or violence, but there are fundamental safeguards people can take to attempt and avoid such situations.

What should you do to avoid falling victim to street crimes? While driving, robots will surely shut off on you. In such cases, ensure that your doors are locked, your windows are shut, and that you leave enough room to pull out from behind the vehicle you’re following. Keep your handbag, mobile phone and notebook out of sight. Robbers can distract you in the windowmeanwhile their con spouse is robbing you on the opposite side. Should you would like to interact with anybody, again, slightly open the window. You may drive pass a hitchhiker in your way.

Don’t give them a lift, however friendly they may appear. We are living in a state with high numbers of crime and violence towards women. Keep that in mind. If you are driving, then suddenly you notice your tyre is level, drive slowly to the closest gas station or somewhere public. Don’t be worried about damaging the tyre; instead be concerned about not risking your life. We know you are an attractive woman, and you know it as well. And as you are attractive, you’ll only draw attention from drivers. It might be because they are giving you a sign that something is wrong with your car, or it might be that they are mesmerised by your beauty.

Final word

For those who have some suspicions that you are being followed, drive-on into the nearest police station or a busy place for assistance. If you are in the middle of nowhere, become another road, but be aware of the surroundings around you so that you stay cognisant of your environment. Should the individual following you turn into exactly the exact same road, ensure that you take more twists and turns. Please do not stop or allow other drivers out drive you. Drive until you discover a police station. If it’s far, find a gas station and call the authorities. It’s late at night and you are probably in a hurry to get home or someplace. Then, you see a vehicle with flashing lights after you. Don’t just assume it is a traffic cop and stop. Keep on driving slowly until you are in a well-lit location. Once you’re sure the car following you’re a real subway cop, stop. When they approach you, open your window by a few centimetres – enough for one to talk. Request their police identification.