Do Single Moms Sacrifice Their Life To Their Job?

Portrait of a happy mixed race family.

Most of us were taught to have a profession or occupation of some sort so as to generate money. The most common method is to work for somebody else as a worker. As a worker you expect to obtain some type of cover for the work you do, by the hour, week, or month. One challenge for a single mother is to balance to time necessary for the job and the time required to look after our children and ourselves.

Let’s understand it

This causes single moms who pay the purchase price by sacrificing their life for their job. Using the term balance should have been coined by companies who wanted you to believe that somehow a single parent or some other parent worker might have a personal life while working 40 plus hours each week for the business. People working for a paycheck and incentive believe they are going to have the ability to get wealthy if they work for a company long enough and get the promotions and increases they hope for.

The pattern is to get some type of degree or training, get the first job, then a raise, then a much better job, then attempt to get a promotion. When this occurs maybe you think that you can hire out all of the excess work like house cleaning, laundry and gardening, and get more time on your own. Doing all of the extras for these rewards takes time. This can be quite demanding for a single mother as you need to add in all of the kid duties to that strategy.


If you do not have a fantastic helper or another parent around it may get stressful. We believe increases and promotions will make our life financially improved. What we don’t realize is that as we make more, we invest more. Single mothers sacrifice their life to the occupation. They miss getting to know and spend time with their children. Additionally inflation eliminates the value of the increase and devaluation of our currency makes things even worse.

You can work a life as a worker and be in the exact same or worse financial situation you’re in when you began. What do you do if your children will need to go to school? How can you pay for that extra expense? If you remove the cover incentives, the bonuses, larger and better degrees, or a promotion, what’s the motivation to press on? You guessed it. There’s none. A worker is in always trading valuable time for cash, for their whole life until retirement. The only real hope is that there’s sufficient money saved so they do not wind up on welfare. No other way exists for the worker. However, I’ve seen people just say no to this thought process. It’s possibly a benefit for some single moms and girls. Some are less likely to put up with the career game and venture out on their own to make highly successful companies.

Being employed

It has worked before for a lot of people including either our parents or our grandparents. But times are changing and it might not be a feasible method today. The problem is that nobody is teaching a different strategy. It’s your responsibility to find out more about financing and new methods of generating money so that you don’t wind up at the poor farm. This is particularly so for single mothers, who have dependents to protect, provide and look after. Sure, you can love the job you do but perhaps you do not wish to do that a lot of it. Maybe you would like to choose how to organize your day.

Maybe you would like to spend the summer off and holiday with your children. Maybe you want to visit the following school soccer game without plenty of planning and begging. Maybe you would like to be able to have more of a say in when and where you get the job done. Maybe you’re not into being there every day to be certain that the boss sees you in your desk. Maybe you’re tired of waiting to retire. Maybe you don’t need to work in an unfulfilling job until you’re 75. Or perhaps it suits you just fine. In that case, you’re quite lucky.


Otherwise, do you consider alternatives? Single moms don’t need to pay the purchase price by sacrificing their life for their job. There are choices and single moms who succeed in their leveraged companies can call their own shots. It takes more effort in the short term but in the long run the benefits can far surpass the attempt. All moms and parents looking to have more time with their children and self owe it to themselves to find out different ways to earn a living besides working for a paycheck.