Do Corticosteroids Cause Red Penis?

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A red penis isn’t an indicator of a penis ailment always. In lighter-skinned men, the penis assumes a bright red hue when erect often, because of the dramatic influx of blood through the erectile process. it’s rather a sign of a penis ailment, such as for example balanitis, eczema, infection, etc. Enough interestingly, in some instances it would appear that one contributing factor to a red penis may be the usage of corticosteroids.

Let’s understand it

Doctors prescribe corticosteroids to take care of a number of ailments often, but what exactly are they exactly? Corticosteroids are hormones that occur in the adrenal cortex naturally. They will have many uses in the physical body, when it comes to stress especially, immune issues, Corticosteroids may also synthetically be created, and they are the corticosteroids which are primarily useful for medicinal purposes sufficient reason for which this short article is actually concerned.

The set of conditions that could be treated, at the very least to some extent, with corticosteroids is quite and includes asthma long, Crohn’s disease, leukemia, lymphoma, arthritis rheumatoid, when corticosteroids were first useful for treatment, these were hailed as magic drug. Unfortunately, while they’re lauded for his or her effectiveness in fighting some medical problems still, it is becoming clear on the full years that longterm use carries the chance of several complications.


These include raised blood pressure, depression and anxiety, diabetes, osteoporosis, and nausea. Just what exactly may be the red penis reference to corticosteroids? Eczema treatment may involve corticosteroid use often. Eczema is really a condition of the skin, an inflammation this is the most common type of dermatitis. It starts as a reddening of your skin usually, associated with itching.


If it persists, which may be uncomfortable especially. Corticosteroids, if this is apparently a possibility, an individual should consult with a health care provider other possible treatment plans. When possible, the corticosteroids ought to be discontinued; And creams to safeguard your skin. And medications to focus on the disease fighting capability. However, much like any condition, ideally, the selected crème will include a robust antioxidant, such as for example alpha lipoic acid. can result in harmful oxidative stress.