Did You Know This About Mosquitoes?

Macro Photo of Yellow Fever, Malaria or Zika Virus Infected Mosquito Insect Bite on Green Background

Summer’s a wonderful time for day walks, except for one problem – mosquitoes. Many couples prefer to walk through the night. They’ll be walking along, enjoying the cool air, when zap! One or both of these gets bitten.


These do not discriminate between genders. I don’t understand how they select their targets. But the mosquitoes that bite are the females. The females actually suck blood to get the nutrients that they need to develop fertile eggs. After giving birth, women continue to want nourishment to nourish our young. We require emotional and physical “meals” to raise healthy kids.

Where can we get these nutrients? Is it possible that we depend on others how these female mosquitoes depend on us? Many of us grew up in the Cinderella age, during which time we had been taught to find husbands so that they will “take care of Daddy’s little girl.” No matter how educated we became, a portion of us wanted to stay that little woman who can rely upon a guy to care for her. So we might say to our kids,”Just wait until your father comes home!” When we’ve run out of energy to subject them.

Let’s see…

We’ll greet our partners with a litany of complaints and expectations when they walk in the door. If they don’t deliver, we zap them. And watch out! A female on the warpath leaves great big welts. It’s easy to fall into the mosquito routine, to bite those we love. There are other, healthier means of fulfilling our emotional needs. Women have an enormous ability to connect with others. Realistically speaking, our guys can’t fulfill our relationship requirements.

Depending on these to do so leads to tension and increasingly remote relationships. The more we complain, the more we shout, the more we exhibit our hysterical feathers, the larger distance our guys will run. Bites hurt. The guys will draw to a safe location and will reach for the best repellent that they could find, maybe in the form of an addiction or a more attractive female.


We do not want our houses to become stagnant bodies of water which attract mosquitoes and nothing else. We will need to keep moving and growing, so the waters are constantly refreshed. We can do better than we are doing now. We can work on our relationship skills and use honey as opposed to repellent to promote change. We can learn from other people – even from animal trainers – how to improve our unions. Besides fulfilling personal relationships, we have to develop clear priorities.