Did You Know This About Competition, Envy & Jealousy Among Women?

Envy. Jealous Girl Listening To Her Friend Talking About Her Great Life Sitting On Couch At Home. Selective Focus

This is the concept that the mass media bombard girls using on a daily basis. When a woman dresses especially it’s for the purpose of gaining attention and admiration from both women and men.


If the big, impersonal social arrangement is telling girls that they must always compete with each other, it is possible to imagine the psychological damage that causes in the smaller, private social structure in female relationships with close friends and loved ones. Most women aren’t intimidated by film actors, playboy centerfolds and print media super versions since they do not have physical access to their male partner.

But when your family and friends reveal a little too much skin it can be a challenging task to pretend that the man in your life didn’t see their cleavage from the two-sizes-too-small blouse. Many of us are shocked when friends betray friends on the talk shows; by acknowledging that they slept with their very best friend’s husband or boyfriend. Unfortunately, this happens more frequently than girls are willing to admit to.

Self esteem

As a counseling psychologist working with girls, I’ve found that one of the indirect causes of why girls are disloyal to each other is based on self-hatred and reduced self-esteem more in relation to the need to hurt other girls. In therapy sessions girls have revealed the reason that they slept with their friend’s or relative’s boyfriend or husband wasn’t because the guy was especially appealing, but due to what the woman that had him represented. Therefore in nature sleeping with another woman’s male partner was a method of possessing the qualities of this girl the buddy admired.

Sonia, 33: “My relationship with my sister-in-law is placing a strain on the whole family. I hate her because my husband, her brother, is constantly bragging to me about how pretty and smart she is. I was so tired of hearing that sh–!” When she went on a business trip for a couple of weeks, I requested her husband to sleep with me. His large mouth told the whole family. I denied it, but nobody believed me. I got four children and I dropped from high school. I envy my sister in-law for obtaining a college education rather than having a bunch of children.

Sometimes I just wonder what it feels like to be her. Her stomach is flat, she got the most adorable shape. A female friend said to me about our mutual friend Tammy,’We should not even set our sights on precisely the identical sort of person that Tammy attracts. Her body is slammin,’ she can not get nothing but lawyers and physicians. With how our fat asses seem, we should be lucky if he got a job.’ That hurt me so much. I can not believe she said that to me. I love Tammy, but I could not help wondering if she thought she was better than me. Yep, I slept with her, boyfriend. I had to. I needed to prove to myself that I am just as great as she is. Your friend buys a dress that you love.


She knows that you love that dress, but you can not wear it because your belly is too large. Fine. Whenever, we go shopping and see the identical pair of shoes which we wish to purchase; It, it is always in her size rather than mine. She just got promoted. I’m happy for her, you know what I am saying. If someone had an ice-cream and was constantly licking it in front of your face, talking about how great it is, would not you only need to try it one time? I’ll will never seem like Sabrina in a dress, I will accept the fact I wasn’t made like that. When we are together people are constantly looking at her. But when I made love to her boyfriend, I pretended that I was her because I wanted to feel as amazing as Sabrina. I hate myself for what I did because she had been my only friend.