Did You Know These Nutrition Secrets?

Young happy sportswoman slicing fruit while making smoothie in her kitchen.

The subject of nutrition is one that is always present in our lives no matter where we turn. It’s on the news, magazine articles, at school, in your doctor’s office, and even is a major topic for many books. Over time, there have been many ideas presented how to structure your diet so that you ensure a good state of health.

Let’s understand it

The RDA created by the government urges certain percentages of nutrients which are promised to be a healthy standard for many people in this nation. Now you have many scientists and researchers saying that the RDA standards are too low and have to be revised to reflect higher percentages of nutrients. There are several other scientists and physicians that claim according to your physique, you should only eat certain kinds of foods while avoiding others.

Many health officials advise the public to limit total fat consumption to a minimal proportion of the total daily calories. There are other groups that maintain eating a great portion of fat from the diet is truly healthy. So, who’s right and what constitutes eating healthy? Well, I believe that society has made nourishment much too intricate. Trying to calculate each and every calorie and each proportion of nutrients daily is a bit too unrealistic let alone perplexing. I believe we will need to simplify the element of nutrition in our own lives.

Keep in mind

Before we do that however, we will need to grasp the actual significance of what nutrition is. Nutrition is any food item or material that provides the body with vital nutrients that enable it to carry out normal physiological functions. Nutrition doesn’t constitute food items that deplete the body of nutrients and/or increase the energy expenditure from the body so as to process that food thing.

Nutrition from food should provide your body with vital compounds necessary for bodily functioning, not strip off nutrients. Based on a lot of people’s diets now, there are a lot of food items and store bought supplements that truly strip nutrients in the body. To consume too many of these foods or ingest bad quality supplements will actually leave your body less nourished than before you ate them. This doesn’t make any sense! A fantastic analogy will serve to describe this idea. Picture if you will your paycheck that you get from work. Now, let’s say that each and every time you get your paycheck, you go to the bank and deposit it immediately. As in the standard case when you deposit your check into your bank account, it reflects as an increase in total account value. You would not enjoy that very much could you? However, this is just what happens when you consume foods that contain minimum nutritional value.


Food items like French fries, corn chips, soda, hot dogs, pretzels, white bread, donuts, milk and many other food items contain minimum nutritional value to them. By consuming these foods, vital nutrients will be taken from the body so as to process them so. I am not advocating avoiding these foods permanently. I’m simply saying that people eat far too many of these low nutrient foods in their diet. I would recommend adding loads of raw vegetables when eating low nutrient foods to compensate for the lack of nourishment in these foods. For instance, let us take an ordinary part of chicken breast.

If you ate only this part of meat, it might require vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and other bionutrients for the body to process it so. In essence, as in this case, the body will have lost vital nutrients in the process of digesting this meat. Most people would see that by eating a piece of meat which this would serve as nourishment for the body. In fact, this meat included no nutrients to provide the body with its needs and it only really contributed protein.


Yes, protein is very important to get in your daily diet and chicken is a really good source of protein. However, it’s that lots of folks don’t consume enough fruits and raw vegetables to compensate for the lack of nutrition in their diets. A normal dinner of chicken, baked potato, and a small serving of legumes is still lacking a sizable proportion of nutrients. How? A baked potato does not contain very much so far as nutrients.

Yes, it’s carbohydrates but it doesn’t have any true adequate nutrients as in minerals and vitamins. Peas, if purchased heated and frozen will have lost nearly all vitamins and will contribute just a few minerals, some fiber, and some protein. This meal just does not contain enough raw enzymes, vitamins, and minerals to be able to nourish your cells satisfactorily let alone to process the food itself. Thus, though you might have eaten a big meal as in this case, you still haven’t donated many nutrients to your body to allow for normal bodily functioning.

Did you know?

When the body doesn’t receive enough nutrients with each meal, it is going to draw these very important compounds from its own publication. The body normally uses vitamin and mineral reserves in times of emergency such as when a person has a cold, flu, or another illness. Consider the reservations like a savings account where you use just for times of real need or urgent emergencies. You simply need these reservations being tapped into at these times of real need.

You don’t want your reservations being utilized on a regular basis merely to help in processing the food you eat. If your reservations keep getting used in non- crisis situations, as is the case when one eats a low nutritious diet, then finally they become depleted. Once this occurs, one is setting themselves up to become deficient in several nutrients, become vulnerable to reduced immunity, and experience poor physiological operation of the major organ systems. At the stage the reserves get used up, the body will gradually begin taking whatever nutrient it needs from other sources.

Cells CANNOT absorb store bought supplements as they are synthetic and aren’t familiar to your body. In taking a shop bought calcium supplement in this situation, you will aggravate this calcium deficiency because your body now needs to process this unrecognizable chemical and will consume vital nutrients in doing this. Does it not make sense to eat foods that contain the necessary nutrients for good digestion and that nourish your cells with the very important compounds they need for normal physiological functioning of the body?


My recommendation would be to experiment and observe the types of foods you consume and determine how you’re feeling. For instance, when you eat meat, how do you feel in the hours then? Do you feel energetic, balanced and alive? Or, do you feel tired and have stomach? Again, you’re the master of the body. Allow your body and cells to let you know what the best diet is for you. I really do recommend the following daily regimen for everybody. Conform these recommendations to your physique. For instance, if you know that you need meat in your diet, then simply add meat to such recommendations.

  • If you’re a grain or cheese kind then add these to my own recommendations. Eat 4 to 5 meals per day. I know this seems like a lot. It is easy to eat this many fruits by integrating smoothies into your daily diet. For instance, take 2 a cherry with a little distilled water and then mix into a smoothie. It is possible to combine many fruits to produce great tasting smoothies. Another example, have a papaya and strawberries with some water and mix. A terrific idea would be to freeze bananas and then use these in all of your fruit smoothies because bananas make a excellent binding ingredient.
  • Freezing them adds that refreshing smoothie texture. Make a commitment to yourself that you will eat 4 to 5 meals per day. They taste great and it’s healthy for you. Eat as many raw vegetables as possible every day. Eat a variety of veggies, particularly ones that are dark green because they contain chlorophyll, a chemical that’s quite beneficial for your wellbeing. Also, vegetables contain fiber which is quite important for good bowel health and removal.
  • Make big raw vegetable salads for lunch and dinner and also make the pieces to be more than 50 percent of my entire meal. For instance, make a huge salad of red romaine lettuce, onions, avocado and red peppers. How about a salad of cucumber, fennel, olives, tomato, and carrots? There are many combinations which you could come up with.

Just be creative!

You can add shredded meat to these salads if you’re one who does well with meat, or add walnuts if you do well with nuts or include goat cheese or hard-boiled eggs. Add whatever that serves you well. Only you know exactly what serves you well. I can not tell you that nor can anybody else. Listen to your body since it’s always communicating with you. Learn how to hear its message!

Use healthy oils daily

Drizzle extra virgin olive oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil or pumpkin oil on all of your raw salads. These oils are extremely beneficial to your wellbeing. Use them daily because the fats in those oils are extremely healthy. If you’re worried about gaining weight from ingesting these oils I’ve news for you. You won’t gain weight from each food item that has fat in it. As you will discover from the chapter on weight control, it’s not a healthy practice to restrict all fat consumption. In actuality, restricting your overall fat intake may actually plan your cells to store more fat on your body and might increase your chances of weight gain. The problem with fat is the kind of fats that people ingest which are not acceptable for long term health.


Only you’re responsible for them and only you are able to nurture and nourish your cells appropriately. Your body reacts to you the way you treat it. If you would like optimum health, then you want to nurture your body and cells. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be lacking in flavor. If you look after your body then it will thank you in return by giving you optimal health and a terrific feeling. Isn’t your health worth it? Make the commitment now to begin nurturing your body and fueling it with Mother Earth’s pure and whole foods!